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  1. But wouldn't a suppressor actually add more back pressure to the ejection cycle. BTW could you describe what you had to go through to get a set screw installed to help control the pressure. Was the gas block remove or what? Yes, suppressor adds back pressure, that's why I had the set screw installed. Don't know how the smith did the drill&tap for the screw but it can be done with the gas block in place. Probably easier to do with the gas block removed though.
  2. 1-2mm is lot of movement imho when talking about something that acts as a sight base... I have had a peep sight mounted on a dust cover, it held zero very well. Just hammered the cover so that it was tight fit. You can also tighten it by welding material to it then filing it to exact fit. Also welding material to cover release button hole so that release button kinda presses the cover down and tight helps.
  3. Well, I haven't had any problems with my ver. 21 that I had the barrel cut to 17". Even had a set screw installed to gas port/block because with suppressor on it still ejected too strongly to my liking (I reload).
  4. Morjes morjes, vähään aikaan jaksanu seurata tätä foorumia, nykyään kun täällä väitellään lähinnä näköjään että onko 75$ vai peräti 150$ kiikari paras yybersnipersaigaan.

  5. Tervehdys kohtalo toverille.

  6. Dunno, have used 180gr Norma Oryx for elk, though I have shot only one and it was a heart shot. .308Win is quite popular here for elk hunting and most factory ammo are 180gr. .308's considered to be a bit on the small side for elk nowadays but it works, most elk are shot at distances under 100m so I guess deer shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Well, I dunno much but I took that metal buffer off and placed on a piece of rubber that sits on the fornt of rear trunnion and everything's going just fine. The bolt travel distance increased a bit which was just enough to make 5 round M14 mag work...
  8. I was buying cheap scopes at first when I started rifle shooting but soon found them to be annoying, not keeping zero, inaccurate adjustments etc. Now I only use them on my .22's. I'd rather buy a used quality scope than a new Chinese one. I have a 4x32 Meopta on my .308 Saiga that I bought used that has held up well. AK isn't the most gentle platform for a scope, after all.
  9. VERY nice looking rifle!!! What stock is that? How dofficult was the fitment process? Thanks. The stock is original, it's a ver. 21 Saiga.
  10. Here's an old pic of my .308 with the can.
  11. Rather than the case, I'd be more concerned about that receiver cover scope mount holding zero...
  12. That spring clip is not necessary at all if the gas tube rattling a bit doesn't bother you. I never put the spring back after I took the gas tube off first time and I even filed the locking surface on the tube so that it rattles real good. A little loose gas tube doesn't have any effect on the reliability of the gun and can even improve accuracy (YMMV, depends).
  13. Your suppressor is an expensive and enviable luxury here in the US for legal reasons. A good brake will make a significant difference. Good brake will cut recoil probably better than a suppressor and brakes are standard equipment for practical/3-gun rifles etc. but to my knowledge of brakes, more efficient the brake -> more pressure/sound to shooter. Well, it ain't too hard to take the brake off when going hunting so I quess there is no problem here. Edit: Oh, about the suppressors, I do know it's expensive to get them in U.S. Though I'd rather pay 200$ tax to get a suppressor than to apply for 70€ permit for every gun I buy...
  14. I wouln't use a muzzle brake on a hunting rifle... Unless you want to lose your hearing asap or unless you use hearing protection when hunting. My knowledge of muzzle brakes is quite miniscule though since I don't feel like I'd need one at the range and because a good suppressor will cut both sound and recoil quite effecticely.
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