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  1. Call me at(423) 571-0915. Leave message call me after4 Eastern and I can answer!
  2. Interested in your saiga 223 call 423 571 0915 or email me at carrjoe@hotmail.com don't pm me because I'm not on the board much just seen your 223 forsale. Thanks Joe Carr
  3. You have a pm and please contact me at carrjoe@hotmail.com Thanks Joe Carr
  4. If the S12 has not been imported without a stock or every had a stock on it so it can be labeled an AOW if not it has to be labeled a SBS. If it's a virgin receiver it can be labelled an AOW. I'd love to have an AOW, but I only know CGW making them now. Some states will allow AOW's not SBS so it be nice to have another vender doing AOW's. Nice looking conversion.
  5. You have a pm on the gun. I was wanting a 20ga converted and called Tony awhile back and then decided to let RedJacket convert a 12 and that was seven months ago and was promised it in 6. So I went with RJF to hurry up and get a sbs S12 to only buy a S17 between that time and my health is declining and don't want to leave alot of NFA items for my wife to deal with if something was to happen to me, The lawyer/ gun collecter that set my NFA trust up is interested and like to see more pics. He'll end of with probably some of my guns and like sbs. Hit me back at carrjoe@hotmail.com
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