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  1. I would like a Free Conversion!!! I may even buy another Saiga to do so And considering how long I had to wait for the first Saiga 12 I think you should give me another for free ;-) In all fairness it was my gunshop in S.Philly that caused all the delay For the 4th I am getting on the roof of my rowhouse in Philly w/ my camera I will see just about all firework shows in Philly: Penns Landing, BenFranklin Bridge, Walt Whitmas Bridge, Camden, the Stadiums and every random firework shot off in S.Philly
  2. Thank you so much for your informative reply...I think I may just take your advice on this ;-) What about the front Picatinny rail? What would you say is the best one for the Saiga 308? Thank you
  3. http://www.lg-outdoors.com/proddetail.asp?prod=BH_AT%20AKA2300 http://www.parts4ak47.com/ak-47_accessories/product/AKA2300.html I see a couple likely contenders but I'd like to hear some opinions so I can buy the best one Thank you
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