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  1. I have nothing but what's pictured. I like to call it hood rat. ha, I think he was going with some desert look but I wasn't complaining when he was in money trouble and sold it to me for less than 300 dollars.
  2. I purchased this a little while back actually and have shelved it for a while. I want to get it setup properly and put a trigger guard on it. Any idea what I need to order?
  3. I deal with Apple computers, and did a trade out for a nice AR and this Saiga piece of work a while back. I've never worked on one before, but I don't think it looks to be that tough. I just need some good direction on what all to buy to make this gun look and feel right. The trigger is designed for a non-pistol grip Saiga, and the pistol grip I am pretty sure isn't the right thing. If you can see to the front of the trigger guard, they put a piece of metal in there or something to make it fit right. I'd like to get rid of the pistol grip/guard that's currently on it, and get the right tr
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