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  1. Liberals know that the bullshit they spew about guns is exactly that. Bullshit! But the simple minded liberal/progressive voter believes everything they hear from them and take it as undoubted truth. They can't handle any other alternative views.
  2. just rereadin this post.... is the pof guy a shyster like david fillers of ddi infamy or is that just me from watching random youtube vids and never met them? that pof revolution is gonna be a big deal eventually....something like that in DI with the 6.5 in there for the fanboys is gonna be epic no? yep i had a gross hesse one that didnt explode when i had it, seemed laser accurate soft recoiling, just the brass mangling annoyed me... cant have your cake and eat to i guess.... i needs a decent one again though, really its a good option, and they can be had on sale for dern near 600? Typed
  3. Dpms gen2 aren't bad performance wise. The proprietary upper and lower are a pita. Handguard choices limited and barrels are limited. The extension makes sure of that. I'm liking the savage msr. Haven't held one but the specs look good. My buddies has an m1a and socom that he's let me shoot nostalgic but I prefer ar10. Just my preference. The new smaller chassis the ar10s are moving to lighter and more ar15 parts are interchangeable was a selling point for me. The POF Revolution is a bad ass nice shooter but pricey. They are local to me and go to the outdoor expo held by f&g ever
  4. Sad to hear about once reputable vender and builder. Glad things worked out.
  5. If you thought mcstain would stand with his party and get rid of huseincare? You'd be delusional. But I doubt it. He has nothing to lose! He won his reelection and now the sand is running fast. The only reason flake didn't stand with him is because he is up for reelection. Kelly Ward is our hope for getting flake out. McCain out spent her and I'm betting the same people will help flake. Hopefully with what McCain did people will remember flake is his political twin and remove him. The one thing that worries me is with the liberal virus spreading to AZ from ca, co, ill, ny ,may chan
  6. Standard problem with these. Two dissimilar metals. When we would do a/c compressors on any gm truck from 96-about 04 we'd also sell condenser knowing that the nut or bolt at one of the lines would break tube or rip threads. Shop ate first one and after that customers were made aware of potential cost increase.
  7. If nfa goes away some will lose a big investment. But every 2a member should be signing and not. Discouraging how the leftist Marxists unit for the dumbest shit even if it's wrong and stay united throughout it. Every forum I'm on seems to eat their own. Oh and signed.
  8. Scout scope like new condition. Used not abused Burris forever warranty Changed scope so don't need this one. $340 shipped usps money order as payment Thanks Edit to add: cross posted
  9. Batfe creating new laws is total BS!! The whole trust thing just irritates the shit out of me. May look into creating new one with less paperwork. Would like a 30 cal suppressor and a sbr or sbs.
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