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  1. Thanks for the response... I'm just wondering why in all the online 922r checklists and in the articles I read the trunnions aren't counted in the Saiga 12's 14 compliance parts. If I use the Dinzag article or http://jobson.us/922r/ as a guide - then I'm compliant even with the stock mag. And "very compliant" without any mag (I have 5 US parts not counting a US mag). So they exist, but why aren't they counted as compliant parts? And do they have a front or just a rear?
  2. Excuse the ignorance, but I have some questions about my Saiga 12's 922r compliance. The lists of parts I added/replaced on my Saiga 12: - pistol grip - buttstock - muzzle attachment - gas puck - Forearm/Handguard That puts me within 922r compliance even with the stock (Russian) mag (I only use my US SureFire Mag anyway). That is if I don't count the front and rear trunnions. I don't understand why these are not counted as foreign parts on the Saiga 12, but are referred to as existing parts regularly in this forum. Do the front and rear trunnions exist on the Saiga 12? Also, can the magazine count for three parts only when it is IN the weapon? What if you store it right next to the gun, but not actually IN the weapon? 922r - what a stupid idea
  3. Excuse my ignorance here.... I have had my Saiga 12 for a few years now, but this is my first time posting on the forum. This is the list of US parts I replaced/added to my weapon when I got the gun in 2009: - Pistol grip - Buttstock - Forearm/handguard - Gas Piston/Puck - Muzzle Attachment In addition, I only really use my SureFire Mag. According to http://jobson.us/922r/ and other checklists I've used - I am compliant with 922r. But what about the Front & Rear Trunnion? Do they not exist at all on the Saiga 12, or is that open to interpretation by the ATF? If so, has that interpretation changed recently since they are trying to ban the importation of the Saiga 12s? Thank you.
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