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  1. Exactly, which is why I generally keep all my mags loaded for all other firearms. I just was not sure if the 12ga shell would deform over time.
  2. Generally speaking I keep all mags loaded at all times (exception would be 10/22 rotary mags). Have you guys experienced any issues with keeping your Vepr or Saiga mags loaded for extended periods of time? As a point of clarification, I am not taking about a loaded mag on a closed bolt, which I know can deform the top shell. Do any of you have issues with the rounds deforming just having the mags loaded for awhile, or any body/spring/floor plate issues? I am using the stock 5 rounder and some SGM 10 rounders. Thanks!
  3. I took the Vepr 12 out to the range again yesterday. Prior to going, I racked the action about 200 times and oiled the bolt. Put about 200 rounds through it yesterday without a single hickup. Very happy with how it ran.
  4. The indoor range I went to only let me use their ammo, and the low power crap was all they had (closest range between work and home). I am going to a different range this weekend and will bring full power buck and slugs. My hope was that it would cycle low brass bird shot in the future after it breaks in.
  5. Just picked up a new Vepr 12. Used the factory 5 Round mag, and some slugs that were 7/8 of an oz at 1300 ft per second. I shot 20 rounds and got a stove pipe on every single round. I know these rounds are under an oz, but does that really explain a 20 for 20 of Stovepipes? Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!
  6. I know that you are joking but it was in REALLY bad taste....I hope he "trips" on the prison stairs and breaks his neck. No it's not a goddamn joke. Every day in this country people are being attacked because of their skin color. Because of the race hate that's been peddled by the left for decades. Bad taste? Yes telling the truth is often called bad taste. No apologies given. I am not quite sure what truth you think you are espousing. You seem to fault that people are being "attacked because of their skin color" but then jump to conclusions and make normative judgments about the vict
  7. Had mine for about 2 years, with a trs-25 red dot on top. Very fun little rifle, and just to reiterate the above-comment, it is accurate.
  8. Done it for about 15 years as a hobby. I can't tell you how many thousands of bottles. At this point, I do 15 gallons at a time. Brewing it takes a few hours, then ferments for approximately 2 weeks, then bottle and let sit for approximately 2-4 weeks in the bottle for carbonation. Using quality ingredients, including bottled water (cheap gallon jugs), properly sterilizing everything, and taking your time will make a world of difference.
  9. Like ROS said, I believe the older 1100s had trouble cycling birdshot, especially in shorter barreled versions. My father in law has an older one with this problem - yet my newer 18" barreled one cycles low brass flawlessly.
  10. Assuming the OP's definition is accurate, you will be hard-pressed to find a gun that does not fit definition (1). One emphasis of this prong is its design to inflict damage, not just its use or it's intended use. My wife uses the end of a butter knife or the handle of a screwdriver as a hammer, but it makes neither a hammer. I could use a gun as a doorstop, but that does not change what it is and what it was designed to do. Guns were designed to destroy, plain and simple - be it an animal, a vehicle, a person, or a paper target. I think any argument to the contrary makes a gun owner look naiv
  11. Super smooth transaction. Thanks again!
  12. As stated above, that is not how CA AW laws work. I am unfortunately in CA and know a thing or two about its AW laws .
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