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  1. Just because we may understand the constitution and the intended meaning does not prevent those acting unconstitutionally from causing us problems, so you best think out the consequences (risk and reward) before choosing to ignore the fiat. Sadly, In lower courts judges tend to make rulings not based on the constitution, but simply on past rulings. This in effect creates a type of legislation and while you can appeal , when if and when you reach the supreme court that is charged with being the final court of appeals, a court that does in theory use the constitution in making their rulings, th
  2. How to make your Saiga Always Compliant with Valid US Gun Laws. Well, to do so requires you first have a basic understanding of the law and the organization of our government under that law. The place to start is the constitution which as you know is the foundational set of laws that clearly defines how our nation's government is to function. It can only be changed through a " constitutional convention" process that is defined within and anything else is fiat, to respectfully ignore if possible. The constitution itself is not changed by a supreme court decision - but others in complete error
  3. Just get after it with the tools you have. I used a drill press to drill out the rivets , not that other ways are any better or worse. Even if you leave some open holes, it will work perfectly. You tube is a great resource if you want a step by step.
  4. Great Looking Conversion! The Saiga .308 deserves a lot more praise IMHO as it really is an excellent battle rifle. (Now here comes the arguments about not having seen much military action ..blah blah blah)
  5. Trust it yes, but as a slug gun for sub 100 yard urban clean up. I have a red dot and targeting is fast. Mine has never MALF on 3" shells or 2.75" with 1oz+ payloads. But it does with low weight / low power stuff. That said, I have not run 500 rounds through it yet. Still, I see these a battle weapon, not a skeet or dove gun, not that you couldn't.
  6. This is a common and fixable issue, for many just running a few hundred rounds of heavier ammo breaks the gun in for shooting the lighter stuff, others have to open up their "often 3" gas ports a little wider as I did or do other tweaks..... I recommend trying a few things that you can read about on this amazing forum though the problem may just be you simply need the oil the gun or break it in using heaviy 1.25+ loads.
  7. They look awesome and I am going to even "gulp" order one. Hopefully it will not take a year to get. Then I will give mine a differentl look - hard chrome the barrel, safety, and if possible a trigger, My only concern is where to mount a small red dot - but I will figure that out. - They only all look the same currently.
  8. So many good options. While I do not have one, I have only heard good things about the TWS dog leg rail system. As far as peep sights go, I like 'em, but they are not fast with just a bead front. For what it is worth, here is what I am planning : A CSS Saiga 12 bolt on , the one with a HiViz fiber optic, in the front and in the back a dove tail peep sight mounted in place of the current one. I may have to get creative to raise the the rear peep a little, but it should cost less than a TWS dog leg and be a fast reliable combination. In a few weeks I will let you know how it turns out.
  9. My S-12 is primarily for urban survival purposes. In a SHTF scenario or if our freedoms are further infringed upon, it is likely parts may be difficult if not impossible to get. So my question is what spare parts would you recommend ? What would during heavy use most likely break or wear out first ? Will these guns go 10K rounds with no parts needing to be replaced?
  10. The knit gun covers, that is too funny! I am no Martha Stewart, just wanted to protect my effort of painting the gun with such care and detail. Lat night I started to remove the safety and said screw it, I had better things to do. The scratch will stay, it is an AK afterall. Now I have time to start my knitting....not. Cheers.
  11. Some great suggestions. I may use a CSS hole plug as I have those on hand. Cheers.
  12. Wow! Seems the concensus recommendation is to embrace the scratch. Well, as I like to tinker, I may drill out the dimple and hammer in a plastic bead in its place. Then perhap apply a little heat from a heatgun directly to the bead and mush it slightly so it does no fall out, then again maybe I will not bother. .
  13. I have done two conversions and have several other AK type rifles. All of the have the same receiver scratching safety. Anyone here have any tricks or tips that maintain the function, but stop the scratching ? Thanks!
  14. Have only used black engine block spray paint on my two conversions, what I can tell you is this $6 paint works great, dries very fast without bakiing, holds up to my (possibly intentional) abuse (one reason I love the AK family). It is also not a "platic peel off layer" type paint and seems to bind to the metal. It also seems scratch resistant and can tolerate barrel level heat. The safety lever however does scratch through.
  15. Thanks, maybe I will be lucky. So far it works great and while there is carbon, there are no loose bits of other material collecting. Maybe some will with other shells or it will require more frequent cleaning...possibly only time will tell. If it fails I will share why. Thanks for the info.
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