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  1. This is very very tempting... I was trying to hold out for the Folding Stock one but damn... Does this have the left side safety aswell?
  2. SergeK

    Vepr 12 Pictures

    Looking at ordering one at the end of August once my Bonus check comes in.
  3. SergeK

    7n6 vs wolf vs tula vs silver bear

    any that I can get for cheap, doesn't matter, it all goes BANG! BANG
  4. Here is my PK01-V Review. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/70803-kalinka-optics-pk-01-review/
  5. Sorry to hear that. Kalinka is really hit or miss, luckily, I have hit each time. I had an issue with one of the scopes, not sure if it was the rail on my rifle or the scope itself, had to shim one of the legs. Long story short, they are still the best source out there for Russian optics.
  6. SergeK

    What are the mags your Sagia 5.45 run the best with?

    Have had no issues with Circle 10s/21s or Bakelites.
  7. SergeK

    Any good US made 5.45 Mags?

    What needs to be modified besides the rear tab?
  8. Good to see he is trying to make right by everyone.
  9. SergeK

    Surplus mag question?

    They are worth the same, really.
  10. SergeK

    5.45 BG does nothing

    I would get Jams left and right before I installed the Bullet Guide with Cirlce 10s and 21s. After installing the guide I have not had one jam. Not one. I modified the Saiga 10rounder to fit.
  11. SergeK

    Saiga Conversion Info including first Range Report

    Interesting... My rifle is shooting way right too... My front sight would be exactly where yours is.
  12. SergeK

    5.45 conv. list for newbe

    Thing about that, is he'll still have to get 922r parts
  13. SergeK

    5.45 conv. list for newbe

    Sounds like you got it all.