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  1. I sure hope OBAMA doesn't see this thread! *waits*
  2. I was thinking of possibly selling mine a ways into the future to purchase a different 308, but considering the situation, I'll definitely be hanging onto mine now. I really wish I could afford an S12 but after the $200 markup I've seen since the EO, It's probably not happening for me =(
  3. With the Executive Order that our dearest president has made regarding the importation of and sale of Russian Kalashnikov weapons, anybody planning on turning a profit? Or are you holding onto your 308s for dear life? =P
  4. I've had my RS Regulate mount for a few months now, but haven't been to the range yet to test how the accuracy has been affected. Mostly due to it being so damn hot! I'll probably hit the range sometime in late September, early October to see how it does. Thanks for the info, Tokageko. I'll probably try replacing the recoil spring once I get back to shooting. I believe my Saiga was made in 2008 and I bought it used with "only a few hundred rounds through it". But we all know how accurate that can be.
  5. Great feedback guys. Its always nice to see ideas/constructive criticism passed around for the better. As for me changing my mount, I'm still set on doing so. Mostly for the reason that I have no problem with a little trial and error to eventually end up with something I'm proud of. After all it's the frustrating/hard times we go through that makes us better at what we do, right? I have the 21" barrel and was using various types of ammo from $16-$28/box and 145gr-167gr.
  6. Hey guys, So this whole Saiga 308 thing has been quite an adventure for me from some super awesome to super frustrating times. My hopes for this rifle have started to come back into sight after my range trip today... but with a few modifications. My rail/optics combination is: TWS Dogleg Gen 2 Dust Cover Rail SWFA 1-6 Nightforce Ultralite rings After my experience today, I will most definitely be trading out the TWS to a Side-Mount (probably the RS Regulate). This is a huge bummer since I love having the rear peep sight on the rail which gives it a longer sight radius, an
  7. Mine was dinging brass too when I first got it. I'm not into reloading so I didn't really care. I did change to the TWS Gen 2 Dust Cover Rail but haven't looked at my brass since then. Using some sort of molding over the edge of the dust cover where the brass contacts it sounds like the best way to go without making any modifications. However, mine was also putting dents into the neck of the casings from the 3rd lug on the bolt (or so I've read). If this is your issue, I'm not sure there's much that can be done since you don't want to mess with that 3rd lug.
  8. On mine, I had to drill a new hole by the magazine release to accommodate the hole spacing in my trigger guard. Assuming that's the same issue you're running into. If you do drill, just go slow, be as perfectly precise as possible, and once you're 99.99999% sure, put on some loctite and be done with it.
  9. Alright guys! So after our tax return came in, I was FINALLY able to purchase my scope. So here's the current configuration (minus the bipod) before I get some more $$$ to send it off to Rifle Dynamics to cut the barrel to 18", thread for brake, repaint, and smoothing up the action. I got an SWFA 1-6 (SWEET scope for $1k) and some Nightforce Ultralite rings to go with it. I'm hoping to get out to the range soon to see what she can do! I don't even want to mention how much I've put into this thing so far... But I'm sure most of you can add it up if you wanted lol Thank you
  10. I had the same issue with fitting mine. Used the dremel like a madman until I got it almost all the way. And then I realized the true culprit of why it wasn't fitting... I found a little curved groove that was stopping the handguard from fitting in the receiver fully. Here's a picture to explain. Hope it helps.
  11. Excellent groupings! It'll be about a year until I can get a decent scope for mine. THEN I will be testing for the best off-the-shelf ammo for my rifle. I've been looking at the SWFA 1-6 scope and any others that are on par for ~$1000.
  12. Hey guys, I know I've seen a couple threads/posts about the Uinta 20 round magazines and how they have a bit of wobble. I ordered their 3-pack and while I love the look of the magazine, the wobble is just a tiny bit of a nuisance. Now before you close out, this isn't a thread to bash Uinta by any means. I'm actually trying to get down to why there is wobble and what can possibly be done to fix it. I decided to grab one of my factory 8-round and Uinta 20-round magazines to do a side to side comparison to get an idea of what the differences are between them. First, I noticed that
  13. Glad I came across this thread. Thanks Ak Monty for the share hahaha
  14. I think you may have stopped reading the title at: "Bang for your Buck" .308He's not asking about ammo, he's asking about muzzle brakes.
  15. Here is an update to the accuracy of my rifle: Took my converted baby out this morning to sight her in at 100yards and see what kind of accuracy I could get at 100 and 200. Here are the two best 3-shot groups I could manage: On the 100 yard group, the first two were the ones closest to the bull. Of course at this point I'm already telling myself "Don't screw this up! Don't screw this up! Relax..." But of course I feel like I accidentally pulled the last shot, but considering it's still within 2MOA I'm fine with it. However, the biggest surprise for me was measuring that
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