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  1. It's very high. My buddy ran one on his Arsenal he had. Chin weld, at best.
  2. Any of these compatible with a cleaning rod?
  3. I like the long forearm length that the Saigas come with. I'll be putting a bulgarian sight block and muzzle brake on, and I'll have to change either the forearm or the gas piston to stay 922R compliant. I'd rather leave the bolt carrier group alone - it works just fine, and is pretty important for proper functioning of the rifle. Is there a USA made forearm option that extends to, or past, the gas block besides the Ultimak offerings?
  4. I do not have the internal one. I had to take it out to do the conversion, didn't mess with putting it back in. I prefer my rifles to lock open when empty, but the BHO doesn't do that - so meh. Klown, if you don't like that the AR locks open when empty, shotgun it and file down the tooth on the bolt catch that engages the mag follower. You'll still be able to manually lock it open if you prefer, but it won't lock open when empty without replacing the bolt catch.
  5. You can run an ace with an external block and keep the tang(from what im aware). The internal adapter block is the one that require cutting and is what I went with.
  6. Ran better than 5MOA with new production, so I bit the bullet so to speak. Now to find a US made handguard that extends to the gas block (or beyond), mount the Bulgarian muzzle brake, wait for RS Regulate to release their mini Aimpoint mount, and break out the spray paint. The US palm grip is pretty comfy.
  7. Still haven't heard anything on getting the rifle back to RAAC for warranty work on the keyholing problem. Going to take it to the 100 yard range, and if it's within 5 MOA I'm going to say heck with it.
  8. Spikes Tactical. There's about half a dozen 5.45x39 ar upper makers, and just one mag manuf.
  9. Thanks to a member on another website I go to, I was able to get a good deal on an ACE internal receiver block, folding hinge threaded for an AR15 buffer tube, and the buffer tube hardware.
  10. I'd rather have a rifle that properly stabilizes the projectile. I shoot all my rifles, save .22LR, out to 600 yards, and this plain ol won't cut it. This surplus ammo is just dang-gon spooky accurate out of my AR15 - more accurate than my 5.56 AR15 with 77 grain match ammo.
  11. Paperwork shows it left the factory 07/20/2009
  12. New rifle, shot for the first time. I'll take a peek at it for production date when I get back - off to Sparta KY right now
  13. Just fired my unconverted Saiga 5.45 using surplus ammo. Rifle is a Legion Mercury-Herms. Serial number is H0988****L Keyholed 1/5 shots at 25 yards, 5/5 shots at 15 yards (extreme - almost 90* impacts), and 5/5 at 10 yards (mild keyholing). Said "well, this sucks" and proceeded to shoot the rest of my 310 round range feed through the gun without a problem (had last round jams on 3/10 mags, so this round trunnion needs a bullet guide). I'll be doing some twist rate comparisons of this barrel to my 5.45x39 AR15. It shoots the same ammo with spooky accuracy and absolutely no keyholing. It is unacceptable to live with a rifle that keyholes with the most common grain ammunition available for it's chambering. It is also foolish to think that air resistance is supposed to stabilize a projectile that has left the bore - that is what the rifling is for. I wonder if a factory worker accidentally picked up a 5.56 barrel blank and chambered it for 5.45. I'll find out tonight I guess.
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