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  1. I'm just ranting, cause I been waiting for them to start doing stuff with AK's again..
  2. I do believe something is wrong with Will due to his choice of Zombie Killer's !!!!!!!! It should have been a Saiga12 with a 20 round drum loaded with slug's and a AK47 NOT a pump and AR !!!!!! Just my 2 cents..
  3. Does your room come with a remote control ?? If so USE it and you should feel better about life !!
  4. I pointed that out to my wife when I saw that. Appears to be some sort of commemorative plaque. Maybe Will will chime in with the details on that. That would be cool....
  5. Dude you are SO being tracked by the Russians +1
  6. Great Show Will and I noticed you have a picture in your office of the Great Avtomat Kalashnikova... ( AWESOME )
  7. Yup there 100 % real.. With shipping I paid 35 bucks and when it came in it was in wax paper with no cosmoline all over it...
  8. 108s haven't been imported in awhile now, going to have to find one from a private seller or resold through a gun/pawn shop. Yes, if you call the ribbed sight funky. It looks like I'm going to have to do some major searching, also it seems like the last batch that was imported was from RAAC when they were the importer's... Let the search begin.. Thanks
  9. That's what I've been noticing.. Thanks
  10. Has anyone seen any IZ108's imported ?? I've been wanting to get another one, but all i've seen are IZ109's. Thanks for any input..
  11. Awesome conversion bro and the guitar case is too cool...
  12. Saying a AK is an AK is an AK is Ridiculous !!!!!!! Arsenal SGL's are great detailed Ak's and that's why they cost more.....If you want to convert a Saiga Sporter yourself that's cool, but to be negative about Arsenal is just flat out ridiculous. How was I negative about Arsenal? Cause I wasn't worshipping them? I was asking for information. This is akin to going on a Harley forum and asking what's so great about Harley Davidson and getting "because it's a Harley" in response. I was just a newb looking for an education, no need to call me ridiculous My bad dude. It was the AK
  13. And this DUMB ASS wonder's why his CHL was denied !!!!!! Making stupid video's like this stupid idiot ( mrak47ASSter ) doesn't prove a dam thing !!!!! DUMB ASS'S like this are what makes the higher up want to make harder laws each year for use normal gun owner's !!!!!! There's always someone ruining it for others and this guy is a PRIME EXAMPLE !!!!!
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