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  1. Anyone know where to get a Paradox Choke for the .410?
  2. I gave right around $200 for mine and there is no way I would pay what they want now.
  3. Tested mine out the other day and it worked with no malfunctions
  4. Heres mine mounted on my patrol car
  5. What are the things that look like black shells that are in it when it comes? Are they supposed to stay in the mag?
  6. Im talking about Pro mag in general. Not the drums. I know because I see their POS pistol mags fail at the range on a daily basis. Especially the Sig 220 mags. They are fishing weights and we wont let our guys use them. The springs are crap and the guns wont function.
  7. If they work as good as all the other pro mag magazines it won't be worth having.
  8. Finally got to the range to test fire these yesterday. I shot from various distances out to 25 yards. All disks hit in the 8" circle center of mass. At 7 yards in made a big hole about the size of half dollar. This should be an excellent home defense round. I sure wouldn't want to be on receiving end. I just wish they would fit in my 15 rounder. Wonder why they fit in some mags but not others? Still waiting on a drum.
  9. Has anyone tried this ammo. I was reading some reviews on a website that said his 12 year old son dropped 2 150lb hogs with one shot each with this ammo. Thats pretty good for a 410.
  10. The PDX1 3" shells won't fit in my surefire 15 rounder. One shell will, but that's it. Has anyone shot this ammo. I haven't yet. I'm afraid the smooth barrel won't stabilize the discs and they are gonna go flying in all directions.
  11. No you can not. You should box up all your slugs and mail them to me for immediate disposal.
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