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  1. Palmetto State Armory Ak47 100% US made. $699. $999 for one with an Aimpoint H1 http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/2015/04/12/palmetto-state-armory-ak/
  2. CSS should have what you need. http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/category_s/1853.htm Trigger group. http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-saiga-trigger-group.htm
  3. Aimpoint pro and swap the mount out for a side mount. The aimpoint pro will run you a little over 400 and a good side mount will be around a 100. The Midwest industries 30mm mount is 109.95. I personally love the rs regulate mount but that runs about 180. The pro has a 3 year battery life and is tough as nails. Great sight.
  4. Some of the characters revealed. http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/12/11/star-wars-the-force-awakens-character-names/
  5. I have the CSS sights. Work great.
  6. Wonder if the stormtroopers have learned how to aim in the past 30 years?
  7. Uuuuummmmm............I think we might have a bit of a problem, (please don't tell anyone I said this) but she doesn't look like a princess anymore She's a politician and political figure now.
  8. Jar jar was a terrible idea to put in Star Wars. Hopefully Abrams will do as good on these as he did on Star Trek. I'm really looking forward to seeing this. Interesting Sith Lightsaber too.
  9. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Offici…:
  10. Seems kinda interesting. I don't like the no sights part though. http://www.gunsandammo.com/first-look/taurus-curve-380-pistol/
  11. Jiu jitsu is an excellent martial art that's practical and has many techniques that enable a smaller individual to take on much larger opponents.
  12. You could probably sell the saiga and then purchase a tavor or similar rifle.
  13. Now are you talking about a bullpup shotgun or rifle? Ksg Tavor (they also make a left handed version)
  14. It's my understanding that you can get a lasik "tune-up". That is true mine came with a lifetime garuantee. So free enhancements. My vision is currently 2015 after LASIK. Worth every penny.
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