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  1. I got one for $30 and a Browning reddot sight for $30 from Sportsmans Guide. They both work really well on mine. It does sit high enough you can still use the factory sights if needed in a hurry. It dismounts, remounts and retains zero. It can be a bit of trouble to mount but is solid once you get it there. It gets beter the more you get used to it. They seem to have gone up some but what hasn't! http://shop.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/ak-side-mount-with-weaver-rail.aspx?a=148293 http://shop.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/browning-buckmark-reflex-sight.aspx?a=691313&e=Y
  2. Has anyone beside me decided not to do the trigger conversion on thier S12 and why?
  3. Greetings Adam and welcome, I have had mine for about 1.5 years, shot 4-5 hundred rounds so far. All I have done to it was add a tapco T6 stock, Poly choke to the 19" threaded barrel, top rail that locks on the factory side mounts with a Browning red dot sight, the 5 position adjustable gas plug and one of the after market pucks. It shoots everything fine and the trigger action seems okay so I have seen no real need to change it. I might at some point change my mind about that but not until I see a real need. I have fired converted weapons and don't see enough differance to make it worth
  4. I am glad I am not a neighbor of yours! I'd have to put 1/2" steel plate siding on the side of my house next to you to feel safe. I would trust my S-12 but there are much better options for HD. One is a Taurus Judge with 00Buck, I also keep a Beretta Tomcat and a Rossi Ranch Hand handy.
  5. Dito on this! But only after 5 or 6 hundred rounds. The rest of the time I just use a bore snake in the barrell with rem oil.
  6. Hey Slostang did you leave the country? I haven't heard anything from you since you helpd tune my pickup. I thought we were going shooting some time?
  7. With them weapons, another persons help to operate two of them and plenty of ammo. Why the hell would you bug out unless a whole Brigade was coming was coming at you.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing it myself.
  9. I bought one when first bought the gun. I haven't had the nerve yet to try and install it. I am not sure it would be worth it. When you watch the installation videos they shave so much material off the catch part it makes me wonder how long it would last. Does any one have a high round count with no problems yet?
  10. Does any one still sell the LRBHO device?. I bought one but have never installed it because it seemed like such a pain in the butt and appeared to weaken the weapon possibly reducing reliability.
  11. I have used a non-vented version on 20 ga Belgium made Browning for 30 years (it was all they offered at the time) and have never been disappointed. I like the non-vented version on my Saiga 12 because of the shorter length
  12. Greetings, What prompted you to make that decision? Have you tried a Saiga?
  13. I have been reloading on and off for 28 years. Lately I have gotten into casting my own bullets from .223 to .45. and all in between. This is an entirely different animal and is vvery dangerous. Bravo on your reloading post it was excelent. Palidin
  14. It is only worth it if you enjoy doing it. I cast my own bullets for metallic rounds. It takes a lot of time and is very dangerous. If you don't plan to be dedicated, don't do it just to try and save a few bucks.
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