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  1. $750 for that little piece of sh*t? ill trade ya for a turkish mauser some some ammo. that thing looks like itll beak under a grown mans weight
  2. oh sh*t u got his license plate #! dude, i dont think he should be banned, but that was dumb getting your license plate in your pic.
  3. ANY unregistered saiga is illegal in california. period.
  4. does the saiga have a full auto bolt carrier? or is it semi auto? i cant figure it out, it looks full auto, but its not curved as most are, its like an "L" shape. what gives?
  5. which ones would work? AK-74 i assume? for a saiga 762x39 can i just buy an AK74 carrier\piston and use the saiga bolt?
  6. a little low, they usually go for $350+ even for a SAR. i have one if youre interested
  7. WHOA! where can i buy one of those?! no FFL required?
  8. yeah, he pressed off the FSB and gas block, i didnt want a new front sight base , i figured it was built with a it and i'll keep it on. why would i want to change it?? i used a lower handguard retainer from global trades, but unfortunately it didnt have a sling loop, so i cant use a sling. but i can prob always use the army way and attach sling with a little parachute cord. oh, and i used a vented hungarian gas tube.
  9. got my saiga back, gunsmith installed the retainer ring for me, $125 for the work. its worth it, it changes the whole look of the saiga. here are pix,
  10. guys, this was just a "fun gun" i bought to blast away with. it takes me, 45 seconds TOPS to load it.
  11. saiga handguard for sale, $15. gas tube, $7. both are in really good condition.
  12. http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/firingline/ thats the place! $125+$25 shipping. they will press off FSB, GB, and install retainer, aand refinish it. they did a great job. call their number and ask for Mike.
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