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  1. My step-brother calls mine "the zombie slayer" since it seems to be the best weapon for that application from all the guns he has seen in my collection. He hasn't seen my registered, full auto 1919A4 - but the Saiga would probably be better for "up close and personal".
  2. I've got both. As well as a nice 1878 double barrel. If I could only keep one I would keep the Saiga without a second thought nor a single regret.
  3. I was lucky enough to get my saiga back when they were less than $400 - and then got it to Tony when his turn around was less than 8 weeks IIRC. I had him do a pistol grip/folding stock conversion and permanently add a shark brake with the overall length to the end of the brake at 18.25". The one thing I wish I had added would be the Galil style bolt handle.
  4. If (most probably 'when') Obama strikes his colors and re-instates the AWB, assuming it will be pretty much the same as the last one, Mike will not be able to make any more - but he will be sitting on top of an inventory which will double / triple in value in the very short term. Then it will be up to him to keep a reasonable pace with the market value. There would be no reason to stick to the pre-ban price and let others reap the profits from his efforts. I just ordered three myself. Did that cripple three liberals or were two of those legs on the same dude? Can I choose who gets it?
  5. Sorry I had not seen this thread before - I hope this will be better late than never. I enlisted into the Marines the day after my 17th birthday. I had scored high on my ASVAB's so I got a "combat program" (no idea what it's called now) contract to ensure I would be the kind of Marine they send when they say "send the Marines!". I ended up an 0341 and did 4 years in 81mm mortar platoons. Once you can force march with an 81's platoon you'll have stamina that most people have no concept for. Even other Marine grunts will look at you with a mixture of awe and pity. I finished my tour,
  6. I started figuring out how guns work when I was 11. I enlisted into the Marines on a Combat Arms contract on my 17th birthday, and I used my GI Bill to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now I won't claim to be a gun guru by anybody's standards but I do have a few opinions of my own on guns and don't really look for validation anywhere but the range. The first reason I started looking at the Saiga-12 was because it is the only currently made semi-auto 12 guage which can take a folding stock. The reason I wanted one with a folding stock was to have a reliable semi-auto 12 guage which w
  7. Just my guess - judging from his age and some of what he said - could be he is a Vietnam vet who killed people there and has not yet found closure on it. I have known a few who had similar views. It doesn't bother me that he hates guns. I hate soccer. As long as both of us realize that our own personal feelings about something are not and never should be the basis for legislative changes to ban those things there is no problem.
  8. Conscience? WTF? Look at it this way. The job you do suddenly becomes highly understaffed across the industry and another employer offers you 30% more for you to come work for him. Your boss realizes he can't replace you at your current salary and offers you a 50% raise. Tell me, what does your conscience tell you to do? The people who work their butts off importing and distributing firearms - in the face of the batfe's fickle legal definitions and enforcement - have bills to pay and families to feed. I'm satisfied to know that the guns I have bought are increasing in value faster
  9. Looks like the work of "Super Bubba". We all remember this dude from high school. If he ever did look at an instruction manual, or possibly even open it, the first step for him would be "1. Have your buddy hold your beer".
  10. MadMax

    Bayonet Lug

    Years ago I broke up an attempted home invasion with a 12 gauge pump - and afterwards wished I had a bayonet mounted on my shotgun. Some perps know there is a hard line between pulling out a gun and pulling the trigger. The group I ran into started playing mind games, pretending they were not the same guys who had been trying to jack the door open (even thought we caught them in the act and had been watching for a couple minutes while walking up). Lots of crooks will try this sort of thing - so having a less-than-lethal/sharp-pointy to prod them on their way can be useful. For this pur
  11. Sooo... I guess the drums work OK, huh?
  12. Why are you holding your shotgun while exiting a vehicle and why would you need to do it so quickly? Why would you be going through doorways with the stock folded? Slow down and think about it. If I am getting out of a vehicle with my rifle/shotgun in my hands I am not doing this to tend to some small. innocuous chore. It I am not responding to some immediate threat I would not have the firearm in my hands. If I am responding to an immediate threat I am not going to do this at a slow pace. Most military units issue folding stocked firearms to troops who have to work/egress
  13. I was putting together my ideal travel rig. I wanted a good semi-auto, military type rifle and a shotgun to go in a tennis racket bag. It makes a handy package and good camo for when I'm carrying it across a motel parking lot or through a hotel lobby. I had been packing a Rem 870 with a folding stock. I had always gone with the crowd about "pumps are more reliable" and all that. But then I started thinking about how there is no real reason why semi-autos should be intrinsically less reliable. So I figured to replace the 870 with a semi-auto shotgun. I did a bunch of surfing and found
  14. I got one of Tony's Shark brakes added to my Saiga when I sent it to him for the conversion. Very happy with it. The reason I got it was because of an altercation I had many years ago. Long story short - I had to exit the front door of my apartment to stop a half dozen scum from starting a fight with a couple buddies of mine who were outside. I racked the slide on my 12 gauge to get their attention as I came out the door - but then after the initial calming effect one of the thugs gave me some lip and looked like he was going to advance on me. I was able to get him to back up but wish
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