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  1. You can still use the iron sights. The scope is offset to the left of the bore.
  2. Mine shoots low too, but not quite as much (maybe 4 or 5"). I'm thinking of also filing the front site down.
  3. The problem is Obama will put a lefty judge on the supreme court. If you do not vote, it's a vote for Obama. Please at least vote against Obama!
  4. rodanvssct


    That stock wont lock when folded, and sticks out too much. I was asking if it would be possible to make it work like the tromix or ace stocks(as in use the ace folding mechanism). Correction: the stock does lock when folded.
  5. I have the tapco stock on mine, and it works great. Funny i just ordered this recoil pad today. New AK But Pad Combat Style New Release! Slip over pad for AK rifles! Combat designed pad adds 1" to the stock length. Pad absorbs recoil and plants firearm firmly against shoulder for non slip firing. When the going gets tough, http://www.tickbitesupply.com/ak.html
  6. I've done this in a fanny pack on the chest under my PFD for flat water. If i'm running white water, it goes in a dry bag. I have a gerber river knife strapped to my pfd. I'm not saying this is the way to go, but just what I have done so far.
  7. I just ordered a couple from goodoptics, and it shipped from Belarus to the USA.
  8. I think the only reason not to fold it to the left is if you have or plan to mount any optics on the side rail. Even then, the side rail mount seems to hold it's zero pretty well when removing and re-installing.
  9. I just ordered 2 over the web this morning, and got an email this afternoon adjusting my shipping to $4.60 total.
  10. I'd like to know the dovetail size as well since mine is shooting a few inches low at 25 meters.
  11. I tested all 3 of mine this weekend, and they seemed to function just like the factory. No filing on mine. Fired 2 3/4 8shot and slugs.
  12. Funny I got a small russian scope on a trade, and the reticle is like that also. I assume you turn it sideways to determine range as rd99fxdl has said.
  13. +1 I also had a good transaction with MCASGT.
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