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  1. Sale closed...sold them all OK, we imprinted an order of flashlights and the customer dictated a certain brand of battery, and, of course, the flashlights came with the wrong brand. So, after the swap out, what I have left is a bunch of Energizer brand 123 3 volt batteries. Life span shows 2003 to 2022 and batch number 0512A. These are now loose packed, so I will ship them out wrapped, but no original packaging. Paypal and or money order accepted, no up charge for using Paypal. Price listed includes shipping, sorry no local pick option available. A reply of "I Will Take It" and the quantity of packs gets it. Please follow up with a PM with payment method and your email address and I will send either a Paypal invoice or mailing address. I am NOT always on the computer, so please be patient I will respond. PLEASE, when using Paypal allow me to send an invoice...this allows me to use the Paypal shipping service. PLEASE, when paying include your SCREEN NAME, it is not always easy to figure out who the "I'll Take" it belongs to when you pay. 10 pack of Energizer 123 3 volt batteries. $10.00 shipped per 10 pk.
  2. SPFUp for sale are 2 used Galil Orlite magazines. They are the 35 rounders and are in great used condition, they do show use marks and have been shaved to fit my saiga. I had bought them used and am selling them for what I had paid. $15.00 ea. plus shipping. Shipping will be actual shipping to your area based on how many you buy. I accept Paypal and MO Theses are the last two Galil mags that I am selling, all my others are going into storage for later use. My link
  3. Actually they are ProMag Galil mags. The Saiga .223 mags have a taller front lip so you do not need a bullet guide to use them. These are Galil mags and need a bullet guide to work in the Saiga. That is why I had bought them, to work in my Saiga with a bullet guide.
  4. Switched to the AR adapter and getting rid of excess mags. These have not even been shaved yet. I am keeping the ones that I have shaved.
  5. All Orlites SPFUp for sale are 6 used Galil Orlite magazines. They are the 35 rounders and are in great used condition, they do show use marks. I had bought them used and am selling them for what I had paid. $15.00 ea. plus shipping. Shipping will be actual shipping to your area based on how many you buy. I accept Paypal and MO SPFUp for sale are 2 used Promag Galil magazines. They are the 30 rounders and are in great used condition, they do show use marks. $8.00 ea. plus shipping. Shipping will be actual shipping to your area based on how many you buy. I accept Paypal and MO My link
  6. sfven

    Shorten the Barrel on a x39 Saiga

    Let's actually answer your question. It will not affect reliabilty. The Saigas are overgassed as it is and the gas port size will not affect the reliability from 21 to 16.5. Shorter than that and maybe. You can rent the recrowning tool from Dinzag and chop the barrel with a hack saw, dremmel, or chop saw. Just go slow.
  7. sfven

    How often do you clean your Saiga 223

    I typically will wipe down the outside of the gun after each range session. I will use a spray cleaner with out removing the dust cover after 5 to 6 sessions, and will perform a full cleaning around 20 sessions. If it was a particularly heavy range session or 3 gun match I will blow out residue with some canned air. I lub her up with some Gigaloo every couple of sessions.
  8. sfven

    Surplus Galil Mags Good Condition $12.10ea

    I've had good experiences with pmags, I'll try to mod some followers. I actually have some pmags that I plastic welded a fron and rear catch onto and have used as range mags. I had to trim the front of the mag body down to clear the two rivets, which caused the follower to tilt upward on the last round, which would jam it into the barrel above the chamber, which by the way is a great indicator that you are out, at least for range mags. Only problem was the severe side to side movement. I've bought a HK composite ar magwell used for airsoft which I am going to mod to fit the saiga. Once I have it working I will use it mold a magwell out of carbon fiber. While I like the Orlites, I would like to share mags with my shooting buds when go to three gun shoots. I have a sheet metal magwell that I fabed for my x39 but it still uses the rear mag catch to hold the mag in. I want more of an ar stlye mag release.
  9. sfven

    Muzzle brakes?

    BlackJack buffers tend to be thinner than other buffers and thus have less of a tendency to cause problems.
  10. sfven

    Surplus Galil Mags Good Condition $12.10ea

    OK, I went ahead and ordered 8 of these for my Saiga. I just received them in and it looks like you get a mixed bag of mags. 4 look as if they have only begin inserted in gun and never loaded up or fired. New looking bodies, clean followers and springs, and no sign of dirt or powered burn. The only scratches/marks are at the front catch and the rear latch, as if they have been inserted and removed a few times, there are not even marks on the followers or feed lips as if they have never been loaded. 2 look used, but very lightly. Dusty not dirty, no real deep scratches, and are clean inside with shiny springs. This is the condition I think of when people say lightly used. 2 look like they were used to beat information out of prisoners. Dirty as all get out, deep scratches and gouges, rusty springs, and followers that show great ammounts of wear. This is actually the condition that most things seem to be when people say lightly used. I went ahead and modded the 2 crappy mags to fit and loaded them both up to 35 rounds. A lot of creeking and bit stiff towards the end, but they both hand cycled flawlessly. The hand cycle was not pulling the handle back and letting the bolt slam home, but actually riding the bolt closed. I will take them out to shoot soon, but I am impressed that even in the condition that they are in they seem to cycle fine. There is a slight front to rear rock in the mag, but very very slight side to side motion. My x39 mags, metal and composite, all have more side to side play and a few have the same front to rear play.
  11. sfven

    Saiga Noob's .223 magazine falls out

    It appears to me you have 3 solutions to this 1) Send it in under warranty if you can find someplace to do it. 2) File down the mag release so it works on all of your mags. 3) File down the mags so they work in your gun. IMO it would be best to make the gun work w/ standard mags, and it's easy enough to get a new mag release if you mangle it, so that would be my answer. Make the gun fit the mags. I am leary of mags which are modified to only fit one gun. J said it best with listing your three options. Sometimes problems like these pop up, canted front sight blocks of example. The easiest, IMHO, is to slowly file the top of the mag latch until all your mags fit.
  12. Buckmeister, Just wondering if you have had the time to play with this conversion?
  13. sfven

    Why did you go .223?

    I actually ended up with one of each, .223, x39, and .308. I started with the x39 and used it for 3 gun, was actually looking for an AR for 3 gun when I found a deal on both the .223 and .308 in 16" for less than a used AR. I am a sucker for the Saigas. What do you want to do with the rifle? That should be your basis for your caliber choice. What do you want the rifle for, where will you shoot it, how will you take care of it? I am going to start using the .223 for 3 gun, it is cheaper for me to get in on the ammo deals with a group buy than it is for me to be the only one shooting x39. Mags are another thing though. Although, hi cap surefires are no more expensive than the high reliability HK mags my friends use.