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  1. on that lsa build on GB, isn't that a stock S12 handguard that has been drilled out....or are my eyes seeing things here?
  2. one thing to consider, if you decide to slice cheese be sure to look at the specs on different slicers. takes alot of power...can burn up a lower end slicer if not careful. i was in catering and vending for several years and my two options would be....berkel or hobart. these are not cheap if bought new but if you search the net you can find goods deals on decent used ones.
  3. decent cheap (4.77 per 25 rds) ammo for the $$. my S12 cycles it with no problems.
  4. i have used both, dinzag's is steel while the css is aluminum. both are good and work very well.
  5. that vepr looks good .....nice color blend. is this the 23" bbl also where did you get your upper and lower HG, retainer and gas tube from? been wanting to do this to mine....makes that thumbhole look much better IMHO.
  6. cheap fast an easy way for compliance parts............you think? had to go that route on a vepr (20 rd tapco) recently after a upgraded trigger install and bullet guide. just nothing (accessories) out there for the them......very accurate and well built rifles.
  7. this is a timbersmith set and it installed very tight, no movement or loose play in it at all. it does need to be installed with 3 screws (i used the original saiga stock screws) though. one under the receiver cover, on the tang and the bottom under the pistol grip. you will have to notch out under the grip for the bottom screw to get the grip to sit flush.
  8. .......just purchased one of these in 7.62 w/the wooden thumbhole stock and forearm, very well built...a nice ak. will a G2 tapco trigger and any USA made mag put this thing in compliance? this will be have it down to 9 foreign parts if these are in same ballpark as the saiga's (as far as parts count go). seems like there is not alot out there on conversion parts, so it looks like it's going to stay in it's hunting configuration. just needed to get a better trigger in it thus putting it in 922r land. any thoughts here......
  9. thanks for the info. i was thinking it was possible as the two mags look identical which in turn makes the mags more abundant as far as keeping it unconverted. as said before this rifle is for varmit control so really no need for higher cap mags. got the other 2 converted (7.62, 5.45) saiga's for when more fire power is needed.
  10. wondering if the factory saiga 7.62 10 rd mags will work in the 7.62 vepr? don't really want to convert this as it will be a varmit control rifle, mostly shooting from portable bench and prone.....anybody know if these will work?
  11. thanks for the info , these are a deal even at their regular price (better at this $$ tho). have 4 of them already.....they function 100%, excellent range mags.
  12. thanks chile. there is some modification you have to do for fitting but makes a real nice solid mount. NICE accessory!
  13. getting ready to install the TWS rail, how does one remove the retaining cap at the end of the recoil spring assembly? can't seem to figure it out, can someone help me here......thanks, tony
  14. http://www.dinzagarm...2x39/akgt1.html
  15. may want to look at the American Classic series made by Metro Arms. these are also cloned 70 series, i have the commander model and probably have at least 4000 rds thru it with no troubles at all.....very reliable.
  16. here is a few pics of what (burris fastfire II) i'm going to use on a 5.45. had it in the safe thought i'd give it a try. still have to sight it in.
  17. finished this up last nite, got the grip (wood) that came with it but like the houge better. this is their brown set, nice stuff....well made. ordered from dinzag....good guy to deal with.
  18. the last 2 rounds 11 & 12 will be in the tower (neck of the drum). you can see thru the back of the drum how the 10 rounds line up, easy viewing for counting also.
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