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  1. by watching the video it looks like to me that the BHO spring could be installed backwards. looks like the long leg of the spring is facing the back an should be facing toward the front of the receiver and with the short leg (of the spring) facing the rear of the receiver. got some good bends on that spring, may not reshape. may be wrong here but that's alot of extra spring to be riding on the end of the BHO lever.....
  2. who's got them? just tried one of those new plastic Tapco's and all i can say is...what a joke. talk about cheap shit, had to grind the sides just to get it in the receiver hole. anybody know where to get the steel ones at? this 7.62 project will stop until then. TIA
  3. was one last nite on IFC channel..."diary of the dead", 2007 model rated 3 stars. about some college kids video taping their own zombie movie out in the woods...then the real ones came along. good movie, keeps your attention.
  4. ordered one last week and had to file the sides (shelves) a bit on each side. wound up with some side wobble and a little front to rear play but clicks in solid and has no effect on function, works perfect. would definitely buy again.....nice compact size too.
  5. nothing fancy but a very reliable S12, bolt and trigger work done by cobra...very smooth.
  6. same here, very FAST shipping and mag was new as described. a +1 for sure.
  7. anyone have a active promotional code for aim surplus? stocking up on 5.45 surplus. TIA
  8. use a surplus mag for a guide.....very easy mod. It is easier to modify the factory Saiga mags to work with the bullet guide than vice versa. Just dremel out the front of the Saiga factory to about 1/8 inch below the mag sides and it should work perfect. There is a picture somewhere on this site for that.
  9. big +10 on this, had my 7.62 within 3 days of the order. great guy to deal with....excellent customer service!
  10. that's cool ...never know until you throw something out there. good luck
  11. got this if your interested in cheap .22 rimfire fun. have got more in it (mods) since this pic was taken, will be more specific if serious.
  12. adjc


    does anyone know if the 7.62's are all dimpled now? looking to add one more but can't find them local, has to be internet sales so viewing b4 purchasing is out of the question. anybody know? TIA
  13. have a look...click on the pic http://centerfiresys...a_shotguns.aspx
  14. adjc

    S12 drum

    But for the most durable, most proven & from my experience most reliable US made Saiga-12 mag currently on the market, period; Be it stick mag or drum mag, the MD-20 is king. this is exactly what i'm looking for.....thanks to all.
  15. adjc

    S12 drum

    of all the drums out there which is the most reliable? looking for the 20rd drum only. thx
  16. Thanks and thanks again for the good deall on that but stock. It turned out just like I wanted it to. great job.....very nice lookin' rifles
  17. google......classic arms
  18. got the guard from optics planet, best buy i could find on it anywhere. i'm thinking it was $28.99 + shipping. dinzag retainer and had gas tube from some parts i had laying around. css has the vented gas tube, might want to take a look over there...lots of good stuff. Where did you purchase the hand guard and I am guessing you used the dinzag retainer and gas tube?
  19. thanks.....maybe down the road on the fsb/brake, gotta S12 in line for the next conversion.
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