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  1. i'd say piss on him. he bought in good standings as you sold it to him with fully understanding as to what he was getting. what i read in your ad is self explanitory and reads as an honest up front deal. i wouldn't give it any more thought.....deal done!
  2. disgusting sob's aren't they.....got a couple of them at work, i just keep my distance!
  3. thanks to all for the info. took em both out today and ran all the heavy loads thru them...no probs. the vepr chewed them out with no flaws, S12 had one stove pipe due to an old ammo casing but other than that business as usual. the S12 runs an auto plug which works well, didn't have to mess with regulating it at all....nice upgrade! ran both factory 8rd and Csspecs 8rd mags, both performed 100%. man those steel mags are NICE, built heavy duty.
  4. not going to run too much of it as only i have about 30 rds of the 3" slugs. any thoughts on the vepr...it gets shot the most.
  5. will the vepr and the saiga handle rifled slugs and 3" magnum ammo as in turkey loads with no issues as to bbl damage? that is if the shotguns mentioned will cycle them ok. just found quite a few of these and was wondering if safe to use. here's one in question....TIA
  6. i have one in my extra parts bin. PM me mailing info and i'll get it out to you.
  7. had to go back an look again....never saw the shark!!
  8. on the v12 i used the factory hammer with the g2 kit, seemed like the US hammer was hanging up when bolt was cycling. have not had any problems with the pull, it is just as smooth as my rifles with the complete g2 kit. by doing this you lose the 3rd compliance part but that can be made up with other parts.
  9. i use drudge report...seems to be some what accurate. it's on the conservative side though.
  10. saw this $19.94 Federal 100 rd pack at a local wally world today also but.....all sold out. imagine that.
  11. been doing this with the carrier for yrs....IMHO it's the only way. saw an old soviet video many yrs back doing the same method, that's where i picked it up at.
  12. adjc

    clear magazine

    go into the special deals tab and you'll find the v12 8 rd mags for 49.95....not a bad price at all.
  13. webers are the way to go. you can smoke, grill, cook direct and indirect very versatile cooking machine. i've cooked alot bbq over the yrs...backyard and competition to commercial sales. everything from custom horizontal w/vertical upright mobiles to southern pride rotisserie pits and down to the webers and most of the prize money was won with the weber kettles. once you learn them you won't need anything else.....take care of them and they will last many, many years. JMHO
  14. pretty much content with what i have now, one more coming in today though....ordered a laminate 91/30 mosin from j&g sales. had to have another one.
  15. very true. i use eye of round whenever i get the chance to make it (jerky), it went from $1.98 to $3.57/lb like overnight. keeps hovering around the $3.30 mark, been this way for about 3 mths now....insane! only thing that doesn't go up is your money....obungo's plan.
  16. good price but their shipping rates are horrible. the info i posted was if someone had either of these stores in their vicinity....well worth the walk in effort.
  17. to those who missed out on the gander mt deal a while back....check out rural king online (type "ammo cans" in their search eng). they have the exact same cans on sale @$13.48 per can, if you don't have a rural king nearby gander mt will price match. walked out gander mt today with $14.42 per can on a 4 can purchase. not to bad a deal.
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