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  1. thx for tip on simple green. thinking of considering a polymer stock for, basically gonna be a beater. like the ideal of reaching way out with this old fellow...didn't have anything in bolt action in centerfire....plenty of SA so i'm thinking this is going to be alot of fun! took it out just after dark and shot five rds thru and man this thing is LOUD plus impressive fireballs to add to smiles. amazing how something as old as these are that still have the pep in them as they do. overbuilt to say the least.
  2. get pics tomorrow....been cleaning cosmo off of it.
  3. got him down to 3 bricks (win wildcats) and made the trade. i'm in excellent shape on .22....much of it was purchased for under $10 a brick back in the day.....didn't even put a dent in the pile. pretty cheap rifle considering my initial investment, just couldn't let it get by. appreciate the opinions.
  4. is a mosin nagant m91/30 worth 5 bricks of .22 ammo (got plenty can spare the bricks)? rifle seems to be in very good cond, rifling excellent stock not beat up. comes with bayonet sling oil bottles and carry pouch. don't know much on these but it has got my attention. what say you all?
  5. got my 5 yesterday, 4 were in very good condition 1 was wet and all had the mold smell. took all five threw em in the washer an let them air dry. came out pretty decent...sprayed down with febreze.
  6. thx for the info, not bad on the price considering local surplus shops are getting $12.00 a can here. plus free shipping to your house on this deal!
  7. have you tried American made ammo in it? the reason i ask this is i have a s410 and bought a case of the 3" Rio ammo and had the same problems you speak of. you could load the 4 rd mag and the first one would chamber after that hopeless. once i switch to any American made ammo....problems were non existent. same with 2.5 ammo when using the 2.5 magazine. in my case it was the imported Rio ammo.
  8. adjc

    Gas Puck....

    chg that to a 1" from being a 1/2"....wasn't paying any atten when i posted this.
  9. looks like pic 3 is the factory hammer spring, if you replaced it with another after market spring could be your problem. most folks use the factory hammer spring in the conversion....i think i would put that back in if it were mine. no need to chg that out...i never have.
  10. bought one of these also but in 5.45. took it out of the box looked down the bbl put my hand on the upper forearm with a little authority....and it cracked completely in two !! knowing you have to replace these when buying them but they are "out the door stocks".
  11. thanks guys for the info. already have my guide, (had a set of B@T's but can't find them) was looking for a bit and tap only. have broken taps before and was thinking if i went with higher quality parts this may be a little better avoided. anyone that has broken these totally understands why higher quality is desired!
  12. for 7.62 bullet guide install. can't remember sizes needed, been a while getting ready to help my son in law do a conversion. can anyone recommend some sites to search from? need bit and tap size too... TIA
  13. Ordered one.....no problem with the price. A lot cheaper than fac 8's also benefit of an all steel mag! Win win in my way of thinking.
  14. has anyone dremeled off the mounting block for the front factory hand guard, if so does one see any ill effects from removing it? doubtful if it will ever go back to its org config....the mount in question is behind the FGB. really don't see no reason for it to be there since the factory wood was junk....this is on a 5.45 square back BTW. looking for some opinions before the the dremel goes to work. appreciate any replies
  15. copes has a pretty good deal.....500 rds 7.62 brown bear, $124.99 shipped to your door.
  16. snagged a 5.45 16" square back vepr from atlantic firearms....wanted to get one b4 they are no longer avail.
  17. DOH!!! Great tip! I wasted $5... ...but my 9 is on the way! appreciate the 9mm heads up, been hard to find around here.
  18. enter "3turkey" in the promo box and get free shipping w/no min, exp 11/5/13.
  19. adjc

    mag help...

    got a couple of 5.45 tantal steel mags from Copes the other day and one of them will only let me load 27 rds. it's not the mag body have swapped innards (spring assembly, bottom plate and follower) with other mags so that has been eliminated (as far as mag bodies). i have gauged it with a marked rod and between empty normally loaded 30 mag and this malfunctioning mag and have noticed of about 3/4" difference between the two followers bottoming out. what seems to be the issue here? nothing looks out of place by comparing it with other spring assemblies. eg...as in bent or out of alignment parts
  20. 10 oz soy sauce 10 oz worcestershire sauce 1.5 tsp liquid smoke 1.5 tsp salt 1.5 tsp black pepper .75 cup light brn sugar mix this up and marinade at least 8 hrs....more time makes better flavor. this will do around 4 lbs of sliced beef.
  21. http://www.chonday.com/Videos/the-writer-automaton
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