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  1. it works just ordered a magazine for a Ruger American .22 mag.
  2. check the sightmark line up. decent red dots at great price, have one on my 5.45 has cause no problems in over a year. aluminum housings built tough....eotech clone.
  3. i'll take that last lightly used Bulgarian waffle Circle 10 30 round mag.....pm inbound.
  4. same here...all items were in excellent condition, super guy to deal with plus very fast shipping! will buy from him again, definitely a man of his word.
  5. had the escort passport 8500 x50 and it is a very good detector as a matter of fact i still have it. i upgraded to the escort redline and this thing is awesome it has twin antennae and performs well. with total shield technology makes it invisible to radar detector detector's. i drive anywhere from 600-800 miles a week mostly interstate driving and i really need all the help i can get.....won't use anything but these. they have proven to me that spending the extra money and you'll get it right the first time. been through many budget priced detectors! none are totally safe you can still get ti
  6. i have 2 children already grown and down the road with their own lives and doing really well....fingers crossed . like my girlfriend has said many times....."raising children is a life sentence"....couldn't be a more accurate statement!! good luck with your daughter, hope all works out ok.
  7. yes...that is part of the stock
  8. change that ribbed upper to a standard tube (smooth) cover and it may not look to bad. it will exchange with no problems.
  9. reminds me of the city in the walking dead series.....and the mayor!!
  10. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/05/07/Justice-Dept-Report-Destroys-Medias-Gun-Control-Narrative
  11. here's a pic of the rifle with the welded guide......getting ready to see a Bonesteel folder soon. your welcome....no problem.
  12. red star...here's a few photo's. this will give you some sort of an idea of what a welded guide looks like. as said before this has been done over two yrs ago with many rounds thru it and still solid as day one. you can see that heat penetration went thru just fine. good luck with whatever method you take.
  13. just got in from work. i'll try to get you one later tomorrow afternoon been a long day. i took a few pics last night with my phone and they weren't clear enuff to see the weld. i'll break out the cannon sure shot....pic will be much clearer.
  14. drill the hole in your guide bigger to allow more weld to get to the trunion. i did this on a vepr after i broke a tap, couldn't get the broken tap out no matter what i tried. this has been done over 2 years ago and have had no problems. it used to bug me cause most folks do screw jobs on their builds....but i don't even think about it anymore, it is there to stay. make sure you use the right equipment and it'll be fine. i used a mig....worked for me. i can post a pic if needed.
  15. same here....seems they have become places for those who do not know better.
  16. this....m sparks vm2 and a nice quality belt and your good to go. i carry a commander this way when packing .45 acp, very comfortable.
  17. These front dist. spinners must be an east of the continental divide type thing. I've seen a few here, but only a few. Having the chute drip on my windshield would piss me off. Back in SD, I hauled material in for a ready mix. All of ours were rear dist. with what we call a booster axle. We even had two semi's. I can't remember for the life of me how many yards the semi's held. I felt bad for the poor messicans that had to chip them bad boys. That's a fucked up job and I don't remember ever seeing it done in the winter. Wow! cleaning the windshield is not as bad as it u
  18. been in one of these for 30+ yrs, got about 5-6 more left then retire. the one i drive does not have the rear tag axle. indiana (certain counties) does not require it, other states does though....something in effect to the bridge weight laws.
  19. Uhh no. If you exercise regularly and are in relatively good health meaning , not obese, don't smoke on a regular basis and do not have diabetes, hypertension or coronary artery disease. you could have one a day without problems. All that BS about butter, red meat, fire cooked meats is just that BS. What has changed is Americans today are overweight, out of shape and don't work manual labor 8-12 hours a day. I could go on and on but suffice to say even fast food is OK in moderate quantities if you are intelligent about diet and exercise. I have the munchies right now and would like two of t
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