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  1. you'd have to take about 30 yrs off of my life before i could tackle that meal. that would really challenge my daily dose of 20mg Benicar!!
  2. friend of mine bear hunts with the S&W 500. i shot it once, never again very brutal.....heavy revolver on top of that.
  3. about 2-3 of these and i'd say that might be a trip to the ER. how could you say no.
  4. that ole boy in that malboro t-shirt i believe the smoke done set in on him. was raised with this way of life for many years in the daviess co ky area......very hard work. every year the Catholic churches do their annual picnics and cook this way on open pits....some damn good food here. they also cook (14-16 hrs) in big 250 gal pots (most of the time wood fires but now using propane, a fires a fire when making soup) a concoction called "burgoo"....mixture of a few different meats and a lot of vegs and spices, they stir it constantly to keep it from burning with wood paddles probably 50-60 yr
  5. after fame usually comes failure...would never work for them. had some of their CS years back before the fame.....6 month build went into over 18 months an was given many excuses. it caused me to learn the rifle on my own....turn around time much quicker and way more cheaper!!
  6. adjc

    Gas Puck....

    this is what the 1/2" ACE pad looks like on the bonesteel folder. screw holes line up with no problems, takes a lot bite out of the V12.....a lot more pleasant to shoot. crappy cell phone pics....too lazy to get the Canon out.
  7. kel tec pf9....very comfortable, carry daily w/speer +p gold dots.
  8. looks like current back orders are being filled at this time. went back on my old order and it just says "item is temporarily unavailable". some info going on in the ammo section at ak forum.
  9. to those who hung on to their back orders from sportsmans guide, it's rolling in and what's real nice is the old price stuck right with it. $135.00 for 1080 rds almost seems extinct but fits in the stash real fine!
  10. jumped on the 10-22 wagon. gonna keep it stock as far as appearance looking but tuning up the components (trigger, bolt, bbl, stock bedding and so on). lot of fun....but expensive.
  11. i use check-mates in my commanders...100% reliability. top gun is a good place to get them from, got an email earlier today stating mags were back in stock.
  12. winchester single shot .22 and a 12 ga stevens single shot, way back in 1967. man where does time go........
  13. google alamo ammo, ck out .22lr 525 rd pack....you won't believe it
  14. hey cameron where abouts are you located in e'ville? i work there daily....have for the last 14 yrs. spencer co resident here.
  15. take the recoil spring out from under the dust cover and underneath it you will find the other screw that needs to be removed. as far as the bonesteel folder....push down on the stock towards the hinge and it will unlock to fold.
  16. check out a 452 (< these are getting harder to find) or 455 CZ .22 bolt action. these are great rifles built very well and extremely accurate.
  17. nope but the ace butt pad will match the bolt pattern on the BS folder. i went this route till Bonesteel comes out with theirs.
  18. really? that beats the hell out of cpl, that stuff reaks really? that beats the hell out of cpl, that stuff reaks clp was all i ever used until froglube came along. i've heard alot good things about it so i gave it a try, haven't had to look back. won't use anything else.....works for me. know what you mean on the clp, it does get to you.
  19. i use it on all my bolt actions, after a few outings the bolt practically glides with minimal effort. good stuff, smells like spearmint tho!
  20. need about 5-6 of them, prefer the clip on type ends. any good suggestions?
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