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  1. these are great stocks, well worth the wait. i ordered one for a vepr 12 and received it today...took about 2 months to get it. got the warsaw length and will eventually put a recoil pad on it (bonesteel will have these pads in the near future). got a saiga 12 with a kvar warsaw stock w/a pad on it also and the overall length of pull makes it a real nice set up.
  2. thanks, appreciate the info. should it be treated as corrosive? not going to worry to much about....it's headin to the oddball bin.
  3. this was given to me by a friend today, never seen this kind before. in one pic is the Herters 7.62 next to whatever it is, fires with no problem and is very light in weight compared to the lead based ammo. also do you think it is corrosive? the headstamp is in the bottom pic, came in ten rd packages and have a total of 160 rds. what say the pro's. sorry for the title....it should of read "what is it"??
  4. mines a warsaw right side folder...order went in 12/12/12. sure would like to see it.
  5. your a lucky man. i've had one (vepr 12) on order for quite a while, maybe they will start shipping soon.
  6. work for a ready mix company, drive a front discharge concrete mixer....35 yrs strong. 5 more to go!
  7. ck out those HCR3 mags for the 10-22's. got 2 of those delivered yesterday ran 180 rds thru them with no glitches. what's nice you can load them up at a total of 45 rds. takes about 10 mins to get the loading routine down after that....no problems. very impressive mag, i've had the TI's and they are a excellent mag but i believe IMHO these might be just a little better. nice composite build with stainless feedlips and easy tear apart for cleaning....seem to be very durable.
  8. if you can find a MKll Ruger check it out, will last forever and very accurate too. <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=245a9fm" target="_blank"><img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/245a9fm.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> don't know how that first link got in there, ignore it click on the second one.
  9. problem solved.....found what i needed.
  10. yep....no luck. he has a bundle pack but really don't need all of that the other stuff.
  11. need some of these, no promag or ramline junk either. got ak (47 an 74) mags willing to trade and deal with. if interested pm me with what you got.
  12. bought one of these with the screw in bolt set up. anyone have any info on the correct size of file(s), and what type to use for the bbl notch? first time on the this type of retainer, always used the 2 piece bolt on. if i fuck it up at least i used the right size tools, decent video wouldn't hurt either. TIA
  13. it's starting to flow in. just received the ruski 7.62 today and a can of 5.45 on its way.
  14. just when you thought you may never see this with a back order date of 10/13...email just came in shipping notice w/tracking updates within 24 hrs. 1000 rds x39 @ $192.38 total! outstanding price considering current conditions. amazing!!
  15. i ordered 2 of the yugo BHO mags on 12/22 shipped 12/27 and received them on 1/3 (excellent shape also). this may sound strange but everything i've ordered from them has always came through, even long awaited back orders. so far i have no complaints with them unlike some of the other vendors i have dealt with. they haven't play bait and switch (prices) either......least not yet. of course this is my experience only.
  16. yep, i got a look at it and my old marlin 60 looked a whole lot better! it didn't (drum) look very robust.
  17. thanks....i was figuring a $100.00 or so for trade in value.
  18. ran across a new 75 rd 7.62 romanian drum (wind up type, never owned one had no interest until now ) never been loaded or fired out of. guy is looking for trading material .22's or such. anybody give me a value here....got a few that mite make the deal if i knew what this is actually worth. TIA
  19. back when America was strong and had real meaning in it. seem like it was the appropriate thing to do under current conditions. wonder what it would be like if there was another Pearl Harbor. i bet they (libs) would find something to put the blame on us.
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