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  1. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-902515 and the commies reporting it....amazing!!
  2. thanks for the info.....they definitely try your patience.
  3. css is great on shipping, order one from him had it in 3 days. some of the other vendors might want to follow their practice. had (2) vepr 12 10 rounders ordered since mid october and still can't get them, they won't even answer emails anymore either (won't say who they are either). of course no chg until shipped but what good does that do if you can't get em. gregg at css is awesome and very busy but still takes time to communicate.....and the best part gets the product to you. no affiliation either just damn good service!!
  4. how many did you have on order and how long did it take to get them....if you don't mind me asking.
  5. a big +10 for mr.ventura. this piers is a fucking nuisance...poster child for the left and libtards!!
  6. thanks for the heads up. nice to have a few more before they're all gone.
  7. it's all about disarming the people and nothing else. it's just a damn shame that the ignorant American sheeple are to dumb to realize that tyranny and socialism is just around the corner. be nice with sympathy then complete the slaughter....they just don't remember Adolph and U.S. history and i really think they don't even care. history has been proven to repeat itself.
  8. piers morgan needs to go back where he came from. how can you a conversation will this goon when he won't even listen when it comes time to answer his own dumbass questions. liberal media is destroying this country and looks like their trying to finish it up!!
  9. natchez has at $59.99 They won't ship to Georgia... bummer
  10. fuck all of them non supporting 2A business's, who needs em.....they can cram it up their ass for all i care. always thought dicks was a yuppie store anyway! never did shop at CTD their shipping charges were always outrageous and bad about notorious gouging......a lot more better choices out there (at least for now).
  11. i agree, Israelis got it right. they don't put up with this shit...put an end to it immediately save lives.
  12. to see in our American schools. put an end to these scumbag MF's......
  13. adjc

    square backs......

    centerfire in ky they have some screwed up stocks on them but i imagine most people will replace them.
  14. they're here.....223 and 54r
  15. How does it fit in your rifle and what type of rifle do you have? saiga 5.45, clicked in real easy. a little side wobble not much tho, but no forwards and back movement. bump fired from the hip ran 100%. good mags IMHO.
  16. ok mag came today, parkerized army green in color. here is a few pics.... any ideal of where it's from......other than brownell's?
  17. great transaction on the krebs safety lever, product was exactly as posted. no drama smooth sailing!!
  18. gonna order one.....curious here. not to bad of a price for a 5.45x39 metal mag, cheaper than the tantals..
  19. anyone ever try one of these? brownell's has em for $23.99, suppose to be all metal and USA made.
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