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  1. it was a 6/32 craftman's tap, was from an older set my dad had from many years ago. virgin tap never been used.
  2. thanks to all for the suggestions. found some at keepshooting, from the reviews it looks like they are in nice condition also. combined with shipping it was about as cheap as i could find. you can figure around 21-22 dollars (+ shipping) per mag anymore. i remember the days of 9.99 tankers......forever gone!
  3. anybody know who has the best deal on them? looking for a package deal if possible.
  4. i had issues with it also,done many saiga's and never had any problems. was more than 1/2 way thru on 7.62 vepr when the tap broke, went slow backed it out several times cleaned then snap! tried to shatter it out with a punch and a hard smack with a big hammer.....no luck. drilled the guide hole out a little bigger grabbed the mig and welded that bitch in. put two tacks in one on the front and one on the back of the guide.....2000+ rds later solid as a rock. did my homework with several builder's opinions on the trunion before putting heat on it and many said the metal was much more heat tole
  5. The rail is freaking cracked and that FACT is somehow whining and not relevant or legitimate?? Holy shit. ur mad i agree. i don't see the point of optics or dots on a shotgun anyway, basically it's a point and aim deal to me but that's my preference. supplied irons are sufficient enough. Now you're getting it. Denial brother. You may not want to use the rail, but others do. It's a feature that the vepr 12s are sold with. Obviously there is demand. There are folks on this site that will make excuses for the vepr until the hell freezes over. Rail fal
  6. i agree. i don't see the point of optics or dots on a shotgun anyway, basically it's a point and aim deal to me but that's my preference. supplied irons are sufficient enough.
  7. How do you figure? one report of a cracked rail and they are all bad? Whats the story behind it? go to akfiles vepr section......"vepr 12 integrated rail-1"
  8. came across this a little bit ago.....not looking good here.
  9. hang in there.....don't give up. been 22 yrs for me, was up to almost 3 pks a day. quit cold turkey one day stayed off of them for three wks then broke, fired one up and got sicker than shit an never had another one again. it's not all that hard.....if your ready to do it. one of the best decision's you'll ever make in life. seems like name brand smokes were .85 a pack then, couldn't imagine paying what they are today. good luck
  10. Sorry. I seriously thought about a Beretta CX4 9mm but the price was prohibitive, for me at least. You could basically get three Hi-Points instead. I don't care how ugly they are (beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway) it's impossible to be that ugly. It looks to me like the Mech Tech could get pricy in a hurry too. If you go that route, be careful. Hi-Points come with 10 round single stack mags (9 rounds in 45) but do have a dual mag holder that fits on the stock. Rumor is, yet again, that the factory will be introducing higher capacity mags next year. Don't hold your breath on that
  11. voted.....have been since 18 yrs of age (many yrs ago), and will continue till i'm underground!!!
  12. The first one. The stock does not touch the selector in any position are these a direct slide in, no shaving the sides to adjust for the thicker receiver? when will warsaw length be available...doesn't matter right or left folder.
  13. I'm leaning towards that exact setup. From what AZG said though, you will need to do quite a bit of filing to make it fit however. I take it that it wont fit in the receiver with out a little modding? i emailed gregg at ccs yesterday and he said you need to file about 1/32" off each side and it should be good to go.
  14. mine only FTE from hip firing but from the shoulder it didn't miss a beat (around 80 rds total). heavy loads were brutal, bird shot not to bad.
  15. understand this real well. have only a aunt and uncle left, everybody else gone. sure makes think how short life is....think of all of them almost everyday.
  16. the stock i posted above....their website states that it will fit either tubes. gonna call them in the morning and do some investigating, i like the fact that it absorbs some recoil and looks good. shoulder can't take as much as it use too, gettin' old changes things. i use the grenade pad on my s12 makes a big difference, but ugly as hell.
  17. i'm looking at this set up. thinking on absorbing some of the recoil, seems like it punches a little harder than the s12.... with one of these... the above is a g-shock....looks decent in my eyes. gonna have a shave a little off the above tube for it to go in (receiver) but don't look like no big deal IMHO.
  18. the factory izhmash mag is....410 x 65 for 2.5 shells. try here....saigastock, not cheap tho.
  19. absolutely top notch.....all emails answered, great communication. will be back!!
  20. you'll like it....very well built gun.
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