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  1. if they will work in a standard ak or vepr, I would be willing to take it off your hands, I have an extra safety to swap or will buy it. Will the vepr 12 safeties work in stadnard ak? appreciate the interest but by me referring the "old way" was meant as in using the the lever as it has always been used....just push it up and down, ignore the thumb extension. don't know if these will work on regular ak's being that the vepr's have the thicker receivers. i do have a 7.62 vepr that could be a possible candidate tho. i do agree with dad2142dad.....that if the receiver had the safety indent
  2. don't care for it much....very hard to operate as it's designed. just going to use it the old way.
  3. and with its russian cuz... not the best pics but this is one bad azz gun, stock is in excellent condition also.
  4. got mine yesterday w/fed ex tracking number also. estimated delivery date 10/18. update.....ready for pick up 10/22/12, bad weather blamed for delay!!
  5. I like that bolt on HG retainer. It say's it's "billet"... but billet what? Aluminum (I'm guessing because it's also states it's "anodized") or steel? I'd much rather have that part in steel (I've used aluminum sling plates on shotguns, they hate them. The aluminum is soft and wears/deforms VERY rapidly). check out dinzagarms....he will have the the bolt on STEEL retainer. it is of very high quality and is also a forum sponsor.
  6. had this exact same thing happen to a AGP 10 rd mag the other day, put a stainless steel spring back in......problem solved. called about it and was told several yrs back there was a bad batch of steel springs and eventually all (with this batch) will end up doing this. newer mags will not have this problem.
  7. great video, gonna go dig mine back out and look em over again! might give em a second chance...been in storage since the second day after i received them (thinking 3 months ago). they did get the looks right this time, would of been nice if they'd gone a little further and steeled the lugs and feed lips.
  8. i have two of these in black and it doesn't matter how many times you try....29 rds is all it will load. not only that but when snapped into the rifle it won't function unless it has 26 rds or less in it have to manually chuck out three to get it to even work. i bought 2 a while back just to try out and IMO stick to surplus.....tapco's intrafuse mags do work decent but these need to go back to R&D.
  9. after one of these myself, i think it would look damn good on a slant cut vepr. putting one on a 7.62 when they hit the market!
  10. anyone know where to find info on the mounting bracket on the texas weapons dogleg rail? sometime ago someone came up with a new bracket that had the notched blade for the rear sight (similar to the factory sight blade) built in which replaced the original mounting bracket on the RSB. it was to replace the rear peep sight as that was the only option back then for any kind of sights other than optics. i've searched the net until i can't take it no more.....i give up!! anybody got a lead on this or did this just pop up in my head one night, seemed like there was info on ar15.com at one time
  11. no affiliation here but centerfire systems is having a super deal on vepr's. just purchased a 20" 5.45....lowest price i have ever seen them. and the price was? $499.99......here it is, multi calibers also. Centerfire Systems Inc.
  12. no affiliation here but centerfire systems is having a super deal on vepr's. just purchased a 20" 5.45....lowest price i have ever seen them.
  13. thanks guys for the info. i think the ole boy got hosed on it and just trying to get some of his $$ back. had a cetme (one of the good ones, no headspace or roller bearing issues) yrs ago but the rising cost of .308 moved it on down the road too. that thing was a hoot to shoot, chucked brass into a unknown dimension and loud as hell but had very little recoil......shock absorbing stock. real neat set up.
  14. think i can get it around a grand or so.....too much? don't really have the room for it but....if it's a deal may make trading material on something down the road.
  15. travels the other day. anyone know what it is and worth anything?.......308 in caliber.
  16. nice set up. is the block adapter needed (slant receiver) for mounting to the vepr, or will this be a all in one mount up stock? clean looking fit when folded.
  17. anything about these.... http://www.cncwarrio...ng-stock-hinge/? like the side folder idea, just not that many options without cutting the tang off. any comments?
  18. count me in....8 rounders, aluminum take several!!
  19. i came across a .410 on the cheap a while back and the hand guard was all hacked up. sean came thru with one and did exactly what he said he would, definitely a stand up guy...great guy to deal with. what made things really outstanding was.....shipping was all that he wanted. these guards are not the easiest to find....just not as popular.
  20. looking for one of these. anybody have one they would like to sell?
  21. one of these ain't bad if your into tube fed bolt actions, very accurate rifle. marlin has came out with the pro fire trigger very similar to savage, good set up. ....model xt-22 tsr
  22. yeah the more i look around the stock forearm starting to look better all the time. as far as ammo goes i did get to run some rio 7.5 shot high brass 3" thru it, ran great with the 4 rd stock mag. so ordered a case of it, got it down to .43 cents a rd with shipping...not to bad. now moving on up to higher cap mags....just don't stop does it . any advantage over the factory 10 verses the USA mags other than compliance parts? will post pics once i get it converted. TIA
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