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  1. Welcome aboard. Do not beleive those that tell you to run 100s of rounds of high brass ammo. It is a waste of time and money. There is no substitute for metalworking/gunsmithing. Ask and you shall receive answers. Where are you? It helps to show where you are because you might actually have someone nearby to go to the range with and help you with your weapon. Howdy Ya'll Thanks for the warm welcome. I am a school teacher (I know you might be shocked) here in Lawton, Oklahoma. After some initial frustration, from the FTF and FTE of my S12, I thought it might be a good project gun to lear
  2. gjaxson01

    Howdy Ya'll

    Howdy Ya'll, I just wanted to introduce myself, a bit. I am Garrett. I have had my Saiga 12 since 2008. I have not shot it much as I have had many of the issues that are being discussed and the closest range is a good drive. Now I found a range that is about 10 minutes away and I hope to get out more and shoot my Saiga. Garrett
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