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  1. Lol that actually looks like what I did. I didn't see that smoothed out hammer version on Carolinas website? Ok found it but it mucho dinero 30 bucks. I also found a Russian ak hammer on gunbroker will this work. http://i.imgur.com/6Tjzd8s.png
  2. Cool I'll use that in the meanwhile I found a genuine Russian hammer on GB for cheap as well. The one I filed will prob work fine but I don't want to move that far away from spec.
  3. Can I use the saiga hammer with the g2 assembly? It read that it is spaced for use with the bolt hold open though.
  4. This is a g2 and since I did the conversion the g2 that I installed always cycled rough and bumpy especially when the carrier went over the hammer but it cycles and fired ok at the range. After every use I've been filing down the hammer to smooth the action and after the last range session I went a little nuts and really wanted to smooth it out. Over the last week I've really been trying to take it down to where the cycles perfect but I've been taking a lot off after filing I cycle to make sure the hammer resets on the triggers shelf catch and it does with plenty of clearance over 5mm and it c
  5. 42? I feel like I'm in Alice in wonderland. Thanks now I'm forced to wonder in the dark neither region of my soul searching for this answer. I think I'll just take up transcendental meditation now instead. Maybe the answer is there all along. Hmmmm then again I have no soul? maybe I'll just stock up on ammo.
  6. A couple short questions, here goes. Will the import ban ever end resulting in return to old prices? I see there still available both 7.62 for $599 and 20g for around $700 are these left overs or is there a way they are still coming in? If they are leftovers will there ever be a loophole found where they can be imported through an intermediary? Where have you all found is to be the cheapest vendor where Saigas can be had? Also Im seeing a 7.62 with a heavier receiver and removable stock looks a little different then the one I bought in 2011 what the deal with this model?
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