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  1. Very cool models. I loved building models when I was young. Don't have the time, patience or space to build models anymore. Still have a few kits in the attic, probably melted by now. I really should yard sale them. I built cars, ships, and planes. My favorite I think was my old B17 bomber. I built it to look like it had been thru hell. I took a lighter, tipped the plane nose down, and just past the edge of the flame, circled 2 of the engines to produce a sooty engine fire look. I took a soldering iron and carefully dotted the plane with bullet marks. I created some flak damage with a heat gun
  2. Sell the 54r Vepr and buy a 30-06 or 308 Vepr. I had 3 Veprs in 7.62x54r (not all at once). My 20" being the most accurate but never falling in love with any of them. The mags suck, the extractors are more prone to breakage, and surplus is no longer cheap and plentiful. Unless you have a ton of surplus the 308 is a better option IMHO. The 30-06 looks cool, but mags look to be short, although double stack.
  3. I was disappointed there was not a single Corellian Cruiser or Neb B frigate. Oh well maybe next time. Well, at least they kept the Falcon, and didn't try to redesign it like Abrams did with the Enterprise, in the Star Trek reboot. That was an ugly ship.
  4. Used my gift certificate to Sportsmans Guide to buy a 700 round spam of 7.62x39.
  5. Is 1500 rounds a lot for an S12? I currently only own pump shotguns, so 1500 seems high in my limited scope of shotguns
  6. So, there is a possibility of me getting a Saiga 12 in a gun trade. He says it runs fine and has run about 1500 shells thru it. Anything I should look for, or be wary of? I am not familiar with the S12, mainly rifles. Thanks in advance.
  7. We finally saw it this weekend. Now, I am not a film critic. I watch films for their entertainment value, and to whisk me away from reality for a couple hours. This film did it. I was not concerned with the story, or plot holes, just pure enjoyment of a childhood obsession reanimated. I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and Star Wars was a huge part of my life. I saw the movies, the TV shows and cartoons spawned off, had all the toys, bed sheets, curtains, etc.... Then when Lucas did the prequels I was optimistic, but sadly disappointed as most were. 2 years ago, I bought the box set of the original
  8. I wonder if this guy is on the list; http://www.polygon.com/2015/7/2/8882359/former-sen-leland-yee-pleads-guilty-admits-to-gun-running-extortion
  9. And I expect a few others to try too... Connecticut , Maryland, New Jersey and perhaps a few more. Normally I would agree with the MD thing, but we lucked out and got a good, Republican governor last election cycle. So, we have a couple years before we have to deal with that. BUT.......I know our commie attorney general is licking his chops.
  10. My understanding is he left his unit to be the next Jason Bourne, so, he's probably going to get a medal from Obama.
  11. Ouch. That's pretty harsh. Chimpanzees are kinda cute, no reason to insult them like that. Where is that from, Israel? (The writing)
  12. Well, it is France. I doubt it will happen here. I, as a high blood pressure, slightly overweight, consumer need my bacon burger. However, I find it odd how they have special rituals and procedures they have for slaughtering their food, but have total brutality and indiscretion when torturing and slaughtering other humans.
  13. Since I grew up on the original Star Wars movies, I can't wait to see the new ones. I know that George Lucas almost killed the franchise with the last 3 clunkers, but I still have hope. JJ Abrams did a great job restarting the Star Trek franchise, in my opinion. So, I am optimistic. The joy I have is seeing my son so into the Star Wars universe as I was. When I was a kid back in the late 70s and 80s, I had Star Wars ships, figures, lunch box, read along records, VHS movies, bed sheets, curtains, cups, plates, and anything else they could put Star Wars on. My son has tons of Star Wars stuff. I
  14. I got one for my wife, great shotgun for kids/petite women. I just got a M1 Garand someone left in the dryer too long and shrunk it. Shrunk the chamber now too, so it only shoots 308. 1944 Springfield Armory receiver.
  15. How's it going on the 20 rd mags?
  16. Adding to the necro thread, I love the versatility of my 16" Vepr 308, but it uses a better cartridge, so in 54r, I would go with 23", or 20" minimally. If you just plan to use as a brush gun gun or for blasting at the range, 16 is fun. My 20" 54r still shot out fireballs, I ended up keeping the 23".
  17. I have a variable UTG rubber coated scope on my x39 Saiga. I also put a strip or two of dynamat on the side scope mount and so far for the range at 100yds seems to be ok. Nothing special, but does the job for recreational shooting.
  18. The liberals are terraforming this country into a nation of pansies and entitled dependants.
  19. I grew up a nice, unracist, unbiased Georgia boy. I grew up playing army, playing with toy guns, watching the Dukes of Hazzard. I loved living in the south. People were warm, laid back and friendly. Then my father moved us up to Maryland, land of the libtards where all the DC refugees live. Racism was more open up here than it was down where I was. I had always thought of the rebel flag as a symbol of defiance against an overreaching federal government, and a symbol of southern pride and heritage. As bad as it was to see the same guy who killed 9 people in a church in S. Carolina wave the rebe
  20. The last gun I bought was this Finn M28/30 Mosin. Need to clean the grease out, and hopefully get to shoot it in a few weeks.
  21. My VZ2008 has been great. Most of the gun is outsourced. A machine shop (can't recall the name) mills the receiver, Green Mountain makes the barrels, the rest is parts kit stuff. Mine has great accuracy and great reliability using FMJ, HP, and SP rounds. I had a tab welded on mine for $20. I love it. So light and reliable. Got a CNC Warrior brake for it as well.
  22. I better order some quick before they are sold out!!! FWIW, CTD tried to screw us over around Christmas 2012 (Newtown) AFTER our order was placed just before the Newtown shooting. And charging us the new rate by trying to re-enter our original order now at 3 times the cost.I will NEVER buy from them again.
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