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  1. Check out Gunfixr's adjustable gas knob (in the Firearms Sales Co. sub forum), it replaces the stock knob and doesn't require tools. It also has multiple gas settings, not just the 2 like the stock one.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the tip. I've ordered from them before and they are more reasonable. Funny thing is, I actually searched Blackjack's site before for a "cheek riser" like its called on ACE's site and nothing came up so I came here.
  3. A good hard chrome is pretty hard to beat as far as durability goes, most people just don't want a silver tactical shotgun.
  4. They're hard to adjust when new, shoot a few rounds through it and it'll loosen up enough to be easily hand adjusted.
  5. Its so that aftermarket stocks don't have a funny looking upward angle after they've been converted.
  6. From what I understand, the main difference between gen 1 and 2 mags is the followers on gen 2 mags have a bit more material removed from the front section. There's a diagram floating around the forum that someone made on how to mod your gen 1 followers to mimic gen 2 followers. I personally haven't had any feeding problems with my gen 1 mags while others have, it seems to be hit and miss.
  7. It was suggested to me that the offset mount might be usable with a persons left eye? As in keep both eyes open and see if the left eye can "see" the reticule and let your brain "assemble" the image in your head... See what you think. I can't make it work as the vision in my left eye is quite bad. IPSC_GUY SIERRA II ALPHA I actually experimented with that a bit and it does work, but it was awkward for me since I had to tilt my head at a fairly sharp angle to get the scope to line up with my left eye. I'm sure it would fit fine for some people, but the ergonomics just weren'
  8. Hell Yeah! I remember PMing Mike my support back when he was HellYeah because it was still taboo to publicly talk about drums around here. Can't wait to take mine to the range!
  9. Overall I think its a great sight, I like the large circle/small dot and the red dot/black dot feature since you can still use it if the batteries die on you. I'd have to say the V style mount with a cheek rest would be the way to go since it's more centered, I just cant quite get used to the offset on the SVD style mount.
  10. Yep, unless you're Jay Leno, you're going to want some sort of cheek rest to get a decent cheek weld. Mine came with both mounts, the SVD style mount sits low, but is offset to the left, giving a strange cheek weld. The V-style mount, on the other hand, sits way high and doesn't give any sort of weld without a cheek riser. Here's mine with the lower SVD style mount:
  11. Mine came anodized gray but I had it painted black to match the gun when I sent it off to Tromix. I'll admit that I bought mine partly for the "cool factor" since my Saiga is mostly a fun range gun and I wanted to make it look evil so that anti gunners would cry when they saw it. I like the sights much better than factory, but it does add a lot of weight (which is not a big factor for me since I won't be lugging it anywhere but the range and it helps soak up recoil). They are pretty spendy, but I don't feel too bad about that since I've seen AR guys dish out twice as much for much flimsier rai
  12. #1147 I was thinking that for the same reason, you beat me to it!
  13. Here's my anti-grizzly combo for hiking/camping (modded Marlin Guide Gun in .45/70 and S&W Mountain Gun in .44 Mag.): Here's a picture of the bullets I'm loading up for the Guide Gun (460 gr. hardcast from Cast Performance) next to a loaded .40 S&W round for size comparison: I'd have to agree that .308 is on the weak side, you at least want one of the .30 cal magnums in a rifle against grizzlies. The Marlin Guide Guns are one of the best combinations of weight (slightly over 7 lbs), power, and compact size in a rifle for bear protection. A few 400+
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