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  1. I will try these tips. I will also attempt to ask somebody to try to shoot it. Could it be inconsistencies with how I look through the scope? Would that affect it a lot?
  2. So I went out the the range again this weekend. It went okay, but still very far from spectacular. This time I bench rested it with so many sand bags that you couldn't move the damn thing if you tried. Groups were still a lot larger than what people are reporting all over the place online. People say that they can do 2 moa all day even with the surplus. Maybe I am getting discouraged for the wrong reasons and maybe I should never have thought I could do a good job with the 5.45. I have a very nice POSP 6X on it and I bought it hoping to at least squeeze 2" out of it at 100, but out of lots of groups I shot, I only got one like that. I had two groups of three shots that were pretty tight, but then one flier like 3 inches to the right completely opened that up. Also, other ammo doesn't work all that excellently either. I shot two groups of 4 shots. One was good at a bit less than 2 in and the other was just like the rest of the 7N6 - bad. It wasn't great ammo either, but still. Do the variations in the batches of military surplus ammo make a difference? Could I have a bad batch? I posted two pictures here that show a pretty general idea of what the targets looked like. I was shooting in the same place . www.photobucket.com/saiga545 I also tried seeing how far off target I move from pulling the trigger. it is barely anything at all. Maybe it added 0.5" tops. Am I left to think that I was just unlucky and got a crappy Saiga 5.45 or that others got lucky and got much nicer rifles? Can other people please share images of groups they got with the 5.45 Saiga too please? I just really want to leave it in the config it is now with scope and the stock it came with, but if it is so inaccurate, it is a bit silly to even try for grouping at a public range. I still really want to get the kind of accuracy that guy in the video has. Any other advice guys?
  3. Hopefully I get a chance to take it out this weekend and shoot it. I will keep you guys posted.
  4. I am not so much stressed as I want to get better and try to figure out what I can do to play my part. I am not sure if the rifle is to blame or me. It is probably a combination of both. I have just been using the Saiga mag it came with since it makes it easy to put it on the bench rest. I don't know anything about bullet guides or mags affecting accuracy. However, if I should be getting 2-3'' at 100 (and I have a 6x scope), then there should be something wrong with me or the gun. Maybe the way I bench is is just super wrong. I kinda bury it in sand bags and just hold the very back of the rifle. I put a big sandbag on the top of the barrel as well (it barely doesn't cover my scope) to keep the barrel from jumping up when I shoot. Thoughts?
  5. I really hope that it's true what they say about practice and improvement then! Also, next time I think I will go straight to the 100 yard range and do my best to space the shots better so that the barrel doesn't start to heat up too much. Just out of curiosity, I am sure you guys have seen some pretty good groups from others online. What do you think they were doing differently from me? Just skill or luckier with their AK? Here is a good link: I have been shooting for several years, but not very often and not with my own guns (let alone guns that hit pretty decently at a distance), so I am pretty new to actually expecting to make patterns at 100 yards.
  6. Thanks for the posts guys. So you think that it is because it was hot mostly? Does it really affect it that much? I guess I could try other ammo brands too although I am starting to get the vibe that that isn't the problem. Any opinions about the trigger it comes with? I heard that that can reduce group size substantially. Any thoughts?
  7. Hello everybody, I was just hoping to get some advice regarding a recent purchase I made. I just bought a Saiga 5.45 and a very nice Kalinka Optics POSP 6X scope for it. I haven’t converted the rifle at all and have been using exclusively soviet milsurp spam can ammo. I am relatively new to shooting and realize that I am shooting an AK, but I have seen much tighter groups at 100 yards from others online. I have tried weighing my gun down as much as possible with sand bags at the range to prevent any movement and being as steady on the trigger as possible, but I haven’t achieved accuracy a lot of people show off on youtube for their Saiga 5.45’s and I am wondering why. The groups I got today at 100 yards were about as big as a spread out hand for the better ones (all over the black). Maybe like 5-6 moa I think. Here are things I believe may be causing it: 1. Tigger is factory and has not yet been converted to pistol grip and nicer trigger. 2. I am a new shooter. 3. Surplus still isn’t the best (though nothing else is really as available and not as cheap) 4. Shooting the gun hot. (I started at the 50 yard range (still only got 1.5-2 moa at 50) and shot at least 60 rounds through the gun before going to 100 yards). 5. Anything else??? I know that Saigas aren’t tack drivers by any means, but I was really hoping for it to perform better. Do you think it is my fault or my Saiga’s/ammo’s? It says that it shoots 136 mm at 100 m in the manual it came with. How is that? Is it just the luck of the draw to get an accurate Saiga and I didn’t luck out? Thank you so much!
  8. Thank you. I do but I only found their online order for some reason. Sorry. I am not a google master.
  9. Do they have a shop? If so what is the location and contact info? Are they open weekends?
  10. Hello everybody, I was wondering whether any of you know a good place to buy a saiga near the Houston area without having to go to a gun show? Anybody know any sellers selling saiga 5.45 and saiga .308 how much for and if they are open on weekends? Thanks so much!
  11. I really like the authentic feel of it and really want to thank you guys for the help. I did end up buying it after looking through it and really liking the feel and price was good. The magnification doesn't seem too strong at all and I can always use the irons for close-range engagements and the scope for accurate (more accurate at least) range shooting. If I don't like it later on, I will sell it and move on, but I am happy for now.
  12. Thing is since I am currently doing work in another state, I don't have the ability to go out to the range with it to try. I am just in town for a bit and can snag it off of him and then start using it this summer once I get my gun out of storage. I think I will buy it since the variables are a good 100 bucks more expense (not to mention I have to wait for shipping). I figure it seems like a good deal for the money and if I don't like it, I can sell it for what I pay. Does that sound reasonable? Also, Salmon, do you have the link to the variable so I can take a look at it? Thanks for your help!
  13. Lol, I would but my friend is selling it for only 170 and it is a fixed only. Salmon, do you have it on a 7.62 or a 5.45? It would be significantly more expensive for the variable.
  14. Yeah. They have really jumped in price sadly. Here is the particular scope. Will it be good you think or far too powerful? Also, since it is made for the SVD, will getting on target be difficult? http://kalinkaoptics.com/posp-6x42-d-w-black-finish-independent-focus-and-1000-meter-rangefinder-rifle-scope-sks-svd-version.html
  15. Hey guys! My friend wants to get rid of a Kalinka Optics 6x42 POSP fixed scope. I think the price is good 170 bucks considering it is brand new. I am just afraid that the optic is too strong for the gun given that the caliber has high bullet drop and AKs aren't accuracy beasts to begin with. Still, what do you think? Should I pass this deal up or would it work fine? Also, I am going to get a Saiga in 5.45 this summer, so would it work well with that? I like the POSP because it keeps my sights open too and this seems like a good deal. Opinions please. Thank you very much!
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