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  1. JackDRipper

    Folding Stock for 410?

    Is there a factory folding stock available for the saiga 410 ? Thanks, JR
  2. JackDRipper

    Remington 410 3 Inch HD 000 Buck Shot Ammo

    PCF where did you find the Remington $12 per 15 rounds? Want to get some. Thanks, JR
  3. JackDRipper

    410 Forearms?

    What is that front sight in the pictures? I would like a better front sight on my 410. Thanks, JR
  4. JackDRipper

    Promag 410 drums are in.

    The fore end is a SGM tri-rail with 3 ladder rail covers. JR http://store.carolin...Tactical/Detail
  5. JackDRipper

    Promag 410 drums are in.

    Got my drum today from CSS today, came with a mystery tool that I assume is a loader or unloader. Here's a couple quick pictures. JR http://http://http:// http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/JackDRipper/IMG_2270.jpg[/img]"]http://
  6. JackDRipper

    410 drum exists, pictures to follow.

    I called Promag on Monday and they said the 410 drums would be up on their web store in 48 hours. It's 54 hours later now and the drum isn't on their website yet. The guy wasn't sure of the price either , he thought msrp was like $144 and SAI-A9 was the catalog number. I told him I saw one on the internet and he was surprised that anyone had one. JR
  7. JackDRipper

    410 Forearms?

    Still wondering about a forearm for my Saiga. Is the SGM 410 tri-rail forearm the way to go? Are you SGM forearm owners happy with yours? Thanks, JR
  8. JackDRipper

    Bolt hold open position in way of trigger after conversion?

    I ground off and rounded the front portion of the bolt hold open with my dremel and it now feels alot nicer and doesn't interfere with the trigger as much. JR
  9. JackDRipper

    410 Forearms?

    Wondering which forearms will fit the 410? Are they interchangeable with 12 gauge forearms? I'm guessing not. I have seen the SGM 410 tri-rail forearm for sale and wondering what others if any are available. Thanks, JR
  10. JackDRipper

    Number 1 or number 2?

    Two great replies! Thanks! JR
  11. JackDRipper

    Number 1 or number 2?

    Not sure which setting is right for my Saiga. I've shot everything with #1 setting with no problems and casings eject out from 5 to 30 feet All works great on #1 so I haven't tried #2 yet. What is #2 for? Thanks for your help' JR
  12. JackDRipper

    15rd 410 mag feeding issues

    Nice pictures, that's the way my new SGM 15 round magazine looks compared to factory 10 round magazine. Mine hand cycles 3" Federal rounds, hope to shoot it in a few days. The SGM 15 round package says use 3" 410 ga ammo. Federal high brass A++, Silver Bear metal A++, Winchester super x B+ and Wolf A+++. JR
  13. Just finished a conversion for my Saiga 410 and I like the changes except now the bolt hold open lever seems too close to and in the way of trigger now in its new position. Does this bother anyone else? Can this cause any function or cycling problems? Can I remove the hold open assembly? Thanks for your help, JR
  14. JackDRipper

    Which stock length? NATO or Warsaw?

    Looks like pretty much 50-50 for each. Not sure which one I will get yet. Nato might be a safe bet, I don't want it to be too short. Thanks, JR
  15. JackDRipper

    Which stock length? NATO or Warsaw?

    Looking at stock lengths for a conversion kit and not sure if I want aKVAR Nato stock 10.5 inches long or aKVAR 9.25 inch Warsaw stock. Which you you like? Thanks, JR