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  1. If you think that's ridiculous, you clearly have not the slightest clue what effort goes into designing and machining his solution. You won't make many friends attacking Brian. Many of us have done business with him, and he's a stand-up businessman who produces innovative, useful products. I'm surprised Cobra didn't bite your head off... I'm sorry, I'm not trying to attack Brian, or offend him in any way. I actually bought several items from him. I'm sorry if I offended you guys, and realistically I don't have an idea how much effort goes into his part, and that's why I posted is th
  2. sffred

    12c back

    I'm jealous! Here did you find this stock?!
  3. Hello my fellow saiga12 owners! Just wanted to ask if any body knew if there was a cheaper alternative for a traditional RSB and gas tube set up? I know din zag charges $300+ which I think is ridiculous but it seems like its the only option. Can I use any other RSB? How about gas tube? Any help is greatly appreciated, Sffred
  4. Solar tactical extended safety selector lever
  5. Thanks u guys! I'm debating on reconditioning all my wooden items
  6. Wassup my fellow s12 owners! just finished reconditioning my s12 stock and hand guard! Didn't want to change the gas tube for the upper handguard cuz I like my shotguns low sights
  7. hello fellow Saiga owners!!! i am in need of your opinion! i am stuck between 2 pistol grips for my saiga 12! either Russian Izzy PG or US palms BG? please help me decide! i shoot turkey shots (2 3/4 rifled 1oz slugs) @ 100 yards prone, standing, or crouched. and the only other time is clay, skeet, or trap shooting with walmart 100 round cheap stuff (federal/winchester/etc..) I currently have the POS saw grip, which feels okay with the slugs, but when shooting clay (personally) i felt like i shoot better with it when it was in long gun form than pistol grip? I basically
  8. hello fellow saiga owners.... im kinda thinking about converting my saiga 12 to wood furniture, but i cannot find a write-up on it? can someone teach me how or give me a basic write up please? i want the stock, handguard, and gas-tube cover to be wood? is this possible? please help me if anybody knows how. thanks Fred
  9. hello fellow saiga 12 owners! i am new to the shotgun/saiga scene and was wondering if saiga ak47 real wood furniture fit on my saiga 12? butt stock, handguard, and the peice on top of the gas tube? please let me know if this is a bolt on type of furniture! thanks! Fred
  10. Hello, wondering what kind of rattlecan paint can I grab to paint the lower part of my s12. The old unpainted area before the fcg is getting at me want to know what paint is best bang for the buck I can get?
  11. Hello fellow s12 owners, I am in the market for an internal receiver block/ stock adapter and also and an adjustable poly choke. If u got spares or no longer using these items please feel free yto contact me or just reply to this add thanks, Fred
  12. Hello fellow s12 owners! Wondering if anybody did an ar15 stock on their saiga12? And if so did you put the buffer and buffer spring back into the buffer tube? If so isn't it useless and is there a way to put a buffer and spring in the s12 that is efficient? Thanks,
  13. Adjustable poly choke2 is probably what I'm going for. They are not as pretty as a muzzle brake or flash hider, but efficiency over looks is better anyways. Thanks for the help everyone1!
  14. Okay I really want to reduce recoil, but i don't want my slugs to sink @ 100 yards. Any recommendations?
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