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  1. I'm aware of that, I have the little booklet that they talk about. If you can get me the article with pictures possibly, that would be outstanding! True, I remember reading the ATF told them to stop, and also the guy who did the conversions died. But I'm searching for the patent that they used for this modification. I've been checking the US Patent Office for the modification "Forward Protrusion" with little success. I would like to read the patent so I could see EXACTLY how Midwest Ordnance and Norinco did these conversions. I do know that it would be difficult to reproduce this conversion
  2. I heard something somewhere that they sold the patent to Norinco. But I'm still wondering if I can look at this patent. So I can see the conversion process (which probably is gonna be pretty hard to do). But if you ask what's the patent number for the conversion.
  3. Hello! I'm been a member here for quite some time. Still haven't decided which Saiga to choose and sadly I think I'm gonna ask a question. But out of curiousity, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the patent status and number of the Midwest Ordnance's "forward protrusion" which for those that don't know, practically it's a sks to ak mag conversion for the sks. Is the patent still for Midwest Ordnance? Just wondering because I heard something about that.
  4. I'm wondering on how a Saiga 5.45 can be converted to full auto? Is it the same as an ak or different. I would just like info like this just in case of a SHTF situation with all this debt. I know perfectly that converting a firearm to full auto is illegal unless you have a a FFL class 3 license.
  5. Well I live in Tacoma, WA. Sadly we live in a state that doesn't allow SBR's
  6. Slightly, with a soldering iron. But I'm learning to do so via videos and other things. But also can a picanny rail be installed on a Saiga 223 Galil?
  7. Also how would one install the sights? As in this picture. And the Galil vertical charging handle? There are a few business members that can install the handle and sights...... I'm just wondering on how I could do this myself, the handle seem kinda hard but is it?. But the Iron sights, are those g3 iron sights, and how can I get those on?Plus is their a mag adaptor for Galil Mags to work in Saiga 223, I know you can modify the mags, but I'm kinda weary of doing that, just because I might get a real galil in the far future.
  8. Also how would one install the sights? As in this picture. And the Galil vertical charging handle?
  9. I'm looking into Galil Rifles, but they are too expensive. So I'm wondering if it is possible to convert a Saiga 223 into a Galil format to take Galil mags as well.
  10. Hello friends! I have the opportunity to purchase a used G36 parts kit for $600, and a new SL8 Receiver for $200. And I've seen the prices for G36's on the internet and this is a good deal! I'm wondering, should I purchase these? I plan to make a g36 rifle
  11. Just curious, thanks for the feedback. SO #1 Dragon's Breath in a Saiga 12 is a no-no I guess.
  12. So does the Saiga 12 fire Exotice ammo, also can it shoot dragons breath? Also if not how does it shoot this?
  13. I'm wondering is the conversion of the Saiga 12 the same as converting a saiga 7.62 or Saiga 5.45?
  14. I'n planning on getting a Saiga 12, in 3 months but are there any issues with it? Barrel, Ejecting?
  15. Okay I'm really stuck here, I want a saiga, but I'm having a hard time figuring which? I Like the idea of 5.45 cheap ammo, and reliablity, plus the feeling that you have a AK74! But also I like the idea of the Saiga 12 with it's brute power and hunting/security capablities. SO which should I get?I have 3 to 6 months to decide on which to get, so no rush.
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