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  1. The standard 74 muzzle brake is not "too heavy, too bulky", and I have found it to be extremely effective.
  2. I like it on mine...it's part of the history of the piece. Besides, when I'm shooting it, I never see it. Of course, you could just get a little brass plaque inscribed at the trophy shop...something like "presented by Mikhail Kalashnikov". 50yrs from now, some fool might believe it.
  3. My 5.45 Saiga has the flat trunnion. It also seemed to work fine using Bulgarian polymer 30rd mags...never a jam. I wasn't sure about putting in the bullet guide, since it worked so well without it However, when I did my conversion, I installed the CSS bullet guide. After going to the range, I had to admit that while racking the bolt, feeding felt smoother...noticeably smoother.
  4. amd6547

    My SaigaNov

    I'm not sure which retainer I will use. Most are kinda expensive. I have read that some modify a standard retainer into a bolt on. I may go that way, they are cheap.
  5. amd6547

    My SaigaNov

    I bought this 5.45 a couple years ago when they were cheap. Shot it in OEM trim and wouldn't have minded keeping it that way...the standard configuration fit me well, and I liked how it handled. The standard trigger, despised by so many, got better and better as I used it. I also made a habit of lubing the contact points of the linkage. Well, with the recent attempt to ban the semis's we all love to shoot, I decided to do the conversion. I reasoned that if there were a ban, existing rifles would be grandfathered, and there would be no new ones. The conversion itself was easy. I used parts fr
  6. For those with this issue... You have to take off the buttplate. Sand the internal contact points of the stock that hold the cleaning kit in place. These are the two plastic rails on the bottom sides, and the inside surface of the stock side grooves. Check fit. Don't take off too much. I wipe down the sanded surfaces with ballistol. Now the cleaning kit fits as intended. Thanks for the help (not).
  7. I just installed the KVAR Warsaw length stock on my 5.45 conversion. I like it a lot. However, what has to be done to get the cleaning kit in the stock? Seems like it goes in almost all the way, leaving about 1/4" sticking out...and slightly stuck. What's up with that? The AK cleaning kit has been around for decades unchanged. I would think engineering the stock to accept it would be simple. I have not yet taken off the buttplate to see what is going on or how I can fix it...but I will. Any tips?
  8. Well, I went with the KVAR Warsaw length polymer stock for now. I have always liked the original AK buttstocks...I used to have a Romanian G build with laminate. I finished most of my conversion last weekend...all except the installation of the bullet guide. Everything went well, it was easy and enjoyable work. However, you really know you are in deep when you take a Dremmel cutting wheel to a perfectly nice rifle and see the sparks fly! I have the SAW grip on it right now for compliance. Not thrilled with it. I can't wait for the new magpul AK grip to come out...I have a magpul MOE on an AR
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm open to the AR stock on an AK, since I like how compact they can be for storage...plus, I already have a couple buttstocks to choose from. I have been reading up on this topic, and sight/stock relationship does not seem to be an issue. These are just preliminary thoughts, though. I could easily see going with a soviet-contour plastic fixed stock. Decisions decisions.
  10. Hello friends I have had a 5.45 Saiga for a couple years now, and have kept it in original configuration. PS...I can't believe what original Saiga 5.45's are selling for now...roughly three times what I paid for this rifle. I have decided to start buying conversion parts. I have built my own AK from a parts kit, so I know I can do this job. I am looking at stocks. In my man cave, I have a couple AR collapsible stocks....one M4 plastic, one CAR aluminum. I was considering using one on the Saiga. Looks like the RDAK adapter would be one option...I already have a spare AR buffer tube. Anot
  11. I also would like to keep the standard Saiga stock on my 5.45. After 600 rounds through my Saiga, and constant attention to keeping the trigger linkage contact points well lubed with WeaponShield CLP, the trigger seems to be about the same as my Yugo AK with Tapco G2. The Yugo trigger is a bit lighter, but then, I have shot it for a few years, plus I gave it a little polish before I installed it. Really, the Saiga trigger is not nearly as bad as it is made out to be. If it could easily be removed and the contact areas polished, it could be made into an excellent trigger.
  12. Folding stock Kalashnikovs fit in a tennis raquet case very nicely, as well
  13. "Looks like" is an opinion. Have you shot one that was properly broken in and lubed? I have a lot of trigger time on the AK. The Saiga trigger can do good work once it is broken in.
  14. I also am torn as to do a full conversion...I own pistol grip rifles, including an AK. Like them just fine. But, I also like the straight sporting stock too. I find the sporting stock to be very quick handling...fast to the shoulder, and excellent pointing. As far as the trigger goes, I see a lot of criticism of the stock trigger. In my Saiga 5.45, out of the box, it was stiff and notchy. I took the time to clean it well, and lube all the contact points in the linkage...after each range session, I have donr this again as part of my cleaning. I have now fired about 600 rounds through this Sai
  15. Well, I have been shooting a lot of years, and I have fired 1000's of round of 7.62x39 through AK's, and I have never encountered residue like this. That is why I wondered. I don't like to see the muzzle so crusty.
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