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  1. What I meant in my previous post is that carolina say's the puck bye itself counts as 1 part. I am not using a pd or stock. I plan to use us mags but want the ability to still use the oem 5 rd. I will be getting the puck also just to play it safe. so my total parts will be (once I get around to ordering) us fcg - 3 handguard -1 muzzle break -1 us puck-1 Thanks everyone for the help!
  2. On carolinashooterssupply.com it say's that it count's as 1 compliant part. They could be wrong but I hope not.
  3. I didnt convert it yet. I am thinking about ordering parts for it but wanted to see how much it will cost and exactly what I need. Thanks everyone. If I do it I will play it safe and use the puck as well as the other parts.
  4. I will be using us fcg = 3 parts us handguard = 1 parts us muzzle break= 1 part is that enough or do I also need a puck? Thanks!
  5. I am looking for cupon or promo code's for the saiga12.com e store. If anyone would share them with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Have any member's who have the Titan tried to do this?
  7. I see that the titan as well as some of the other chaos products are interchangeable. If I buy the titan and decide I want to change the look and make it look like a tri rail or quad rail is it possible? Also can the sight be re mounted in that situation as well or would I have to get a separate rear site? Thank's.
  8. Thank you very much everyone. The reason I am not buying a pre modified fcg is because last time I did and I still had to further modify it. I don't need the pg nut n screw setup because I cant have a grip so that help's. As far as the plate goes I never heard of using hitch pins and felt they would be easier for takedown. Thanks so much again every one especially gun fun. I will be using the original guard mod the fcg myself and probably try the hitch pin method. Cheap and will hopefully work. Still not fully sure how I will make the guard work but will figure it out if it can be done. Mulle
  9. So will I be able to see it pre conversion?
  10. I am doing a conversion for a friend soon and it has been a while since I did mine. I don't remember if all the 762's come with the hole in the receiver for the pg nut or do I have to drill one out? If some do and some don't how can I tell ahead of time so I can get the parts for him? Thanks.
  11. JB WELD AS WELL! IT WORKS GREAT I DONT KNOW WHY EVERYONE DOSENT USE IT! My next conversion Im only using jb weld.
  12. Thanks white devil is $65 a good price any site recommendations to buy from?
  13. I recently purchased my first Saiga 12 and would like to get a 10 round drum and stick mag for it. I am limited to 10 rounds because I live in new york. I have always wanted a drum but was not allowed so since they make 10 rd drums I have to have one. so far I have only seen promags 10 rd drum are there any others? I have also seen some bad reviews on them , if they are the only ones in 10 can they be fixed? Also what is a good stick mad 10 rd to get? Thanks.
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