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  1. Due to the recent laws I will never bring my Saiga anywhere near NY. Old school Mossberg it is. I feel for you guys I'm in MD and we are currently under the same pressure.
  2. Yeah my 410 had the side rail mount but my saiga 12 for some reason never came with one. So unfortunately I had to spend a bit bit more on mounting options.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. They had the rail for $95 w/ $7 shipping so I ordered one. Can't wait to try her out. Thanks again gents.
  4. All right, you can work without that.. Ultimak. They are much lighter than Chaos rails and cheaper. But there's a lot of heat so get a good red dot or plenty of them. The chaos extended kit is now the same price as the ultimak and has more flexibility. A little more than I need but more flexibility for future projects.
  5. I'm almost ready to get the choas rail. Its almost 50%off. I also have the options of later updating the sights to the HK style and possibly co-witnessing. I don't need all the rails but I can just put Flat Dark Earth covers on them and it would go good with my duracoated S12.
  6. Can't use those. I don't have the side scope mount rail.
  7. That is definitely the option I am considering. I seen the Choas is 50% off and that supports a US business. I was hoping to do this around $40 but this saiga has no side mount.
  8. Guys Just an update, I finally did the conversion with that stock. It came out great just want to try out the new configuration at the range first. I might post pics soon. Mine is hunter friendly I have the cobra choke adapter so I can can chokes for different hunting.
  9. Well I finally did my conversion and I will probably post pics soon. It is a yankee legal convesion that I did and the gun was painted in FDE. Well I got a Bushnell TRS-25 I would like to mount. Yeah I would like an Aimpoint but this will do for now. Being stupid an used to my old 410 I ordered a UTG mount, but then realized wait a sec, where is my scope mount? Can't believe I never noticed the differences. I was thinking of the CSS mount that replaces the rear sight but I am wondering if special tooling is needed. What do you guys recommend for a good mount for the Bushnell TRS-25. I'm not sure if I trust the zero of something mounted on the dust cover and I don't feel like the hassle of installing a side mount. 2 of my top rail options for around $70 seem to be sold out. I would like something not too expensive but easy to install. Thanks guys.
  10. I'm getting ready for a very similar project. is this the correct screw? http://www.amazon.com/Tapco-Ak-Grip-Screw-Bushing/dp/B0047T8G4C/ref=reg_hu-rd_add_1_dp Also does anyone know if the stock is made in the US?
  11. I got a Big thumb, LOL. Good deals in the classified sections.
  12. Is this stock considered a Thumbhole stock in NY. The main reason for my conversion would be to have a better trigger group.
  13. Yeah I see what you mean, right now I'm in the sporting mode. I's like to put a rail system on it and a red dot. If I keep it that way I'm good. So I am guessing you are not allowed to hunt deer with an AR, even if you have a low capacity mag. Upstate NY is so different than the city, too bad the city runs the state. I've seen some post with a skeleton stock that some of you claim to by NY legal. If it is all one solid piece is that considered a pistol grip? If I use that I should be good right?
  14. That is retarded. Even in sporting config you break the rules do to detachable magazines. I see a grey area. I see normal shotguns now with a pistol grip. Also is a tube extender a magazine? For example the ones use in 3 gun. Those can work on many so called legal semi auto shotguns. The shape should not matter, the pistol grip thing is stupid. This gun is a sport shotgun and changing the ergos should not be a big deal. I thought it would be cool to show them a Saiga converted to a turkey gun. I'd love to say I got a turkey with it.
  15. I have some relatives in NY and would like to hunt turkey and maybe deer on their land. I am from out of state. I cannot find it stated anywhere that you can not use a shotgun with a pistol grip. The only rule I find is the mag capacity rule.
  16. Man I have mine in the classifieds. Seeing these makes me think about keeping it. I really want a S12 but I do like the 410. SteveCornell those are nice.
  17. I got one for sale in the classified I got last summer. Not even broken in. I paid over $400 at the time and now it looks like prices are going up again.
  18. I'm selling the sport rifle without any extras for $375. Price has changed.
  19. I bought the 410 when the prices of the S12 went through the roof. Now that the prices have gone down I would like to get the S12. To not make my significant other too upset I will need to sell this one first. I really like to gun but the availability and price of 410 is what is deterring me. I was going to offer a couple of packages or some trade deal for an S12. New Price for the S410 sportster shotgun - $375 with 4 rd factory mag, manual, and cleaning kit. Everything out of the box. The buyer of the gun has first dibbs on USA made SS Piston - MDArms non booster and the Surefire 15 round Mag both for $35 I may sell optics mount later but so far I am keeping the micro green dot. The ammo I will hold for now and hopefully I can sell locally. This is a great price to start a conversion. Feel free to contact me. The gun is located in MD.
  20. I used mine for skeet for for. It works but it isn't no super skeet gun. Fun though. I actually shoot through a Primary Arms Micro Green Dot, pretty cool. Post pics of that conversion. I REally really want to convert.
  21. Guys something fishy is going on. I just bough more PDX1 and Federal personal Defenses. Now its just the opposite. Now I Can't get the PDX1 in the Surefire and now the Federals fit. Hmm. There must be multiple versions.
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