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  1. It's not that they are italian, I like italian stuff but these shells seems of a poorer quality. If definably does not have the power of off the shelf American brands. Italians can make some really nice shotguns. I seen primers come out of shells and the walls seem thinner. I can use them 1 at a time but that is about it.
  2. Check out that other post. We posted photos of the different sizes.
  3. All my rounds are supposed to be 3" but some are longer than others. Those Federals Personnal Defenses are the longest just wanted to know if someone tried those shells in these Mags. Thanks.
  4. I fired some at 25 yards. Some discs hit in an 8" diameter circle. Both them and the Federals work well. PDX1's Pros : Fit in surefire. Supposed to be great for close quarters. Cons: Price, had 1 jam out of 10. Federal PD4's (personal Defense) Pro's: Cycle great, and I believe pretty much just as devastating. 20 rounds no jams. Less Expensive and readily avail at Wally World Cons: Will not fit in the Surefire . I'm waiting for a reply if these Federal PD's will fit in the 10rd Factory mag. If so I will order one.
  5. My gun is getting better. I can shoot Birdshot on the #1 setting now. But every once in a while it will catch the bottom and crimp a silver bear a bit. It catches the bottom of the loading path and dents up the shell a bit. Funny thing I can now fire Remington birdshot on #1 with no prob. I'll shoot more rounds to break it in.
  6. Will the Federal 410 handgun Ammo fit in these. They are the longest shells I use and work great in the factory 4 rd mag. They will not fit in my Surefire 15rd. Just wondering if they will fit in these b/c those rounds work well and are readily available at Wally World.
  7. What piston setting are you guys using for the Silver Bear Slugs. I had 1 malfunction in 10 rounds on the (1) Setting. I may go with (2) setting.
  8. I got some Nobel Sports cheap off the net just figured for the price I'd try them. Well I got about 5 to fire and I was like hhmmm maybe they might work. After that nothing but problems. Don't bother, just gotto Wally world and get the Remingtons they work fine on the #2 setting. I'm thinking of making another post with Rounds, Piston type and Piston number settings. People seem to like Silver Bear " slugs. I might need to use the #2 setting for them. By the way I am using an MD arms Non Booster Piston. Just it in today for 922R.
  9. Will, love the show. I'm not sure if you are really aware of the people you are reaching out to and maybe having an effect on. A lot of normally non-gun people really like your show. I really like that a lot of it is down to earth family and friends comes first. I just hope you and the people around you stay to same even with all the fame. Long term I hope you have an effect on some anti-gun people and make them realize these guns/firearms are really what created this country and guns and the people around them are not all evil, they are just normal family people. You are truly living the American Dream. Keep up the good work.
  10. Alright. DO you need to even worry if you leave the gun in sporting config, as imported? and just replaced a piston to a USA made one? No trigger grips, OEM Stock, and Magazine (4 rounds). This gun is in sporting attire so is there any issues? Now that same configuration, 14 foreign part: minus the piston = 13. Now put a High Cap mag (-3 parts) = 10 or less this gun is compliant. The High Capacity Mag makes it (NON-Sporting). What if you leave it SPORTING (4 rd mag) , no fancy stocks, technically would I have to change the piston all the time? Also what if you don't like the foregrip, or stock. and make fancy wood ones for sport?
  11. 10/22 are Great Guns But I really love my Sig 522. Cheap to shoot and very fun. I have a 50 rd drum. As far as cheap ammo goes, the walmart $18 boxes, I have better luck with the Federal Rounds than the WInchesters. The drum is a bit more finicky but fun as heck.
  12. Great Job Skott. Looks great. Why did you get rid of the rivet for the Scope mount?
  13. Here are some shells I have laying around. The federal PDs are the longest. They will not fit in the surefire. I just got the winchester pdx's, silver bears and nobles. I had to use the 2 setting with the remington #6s. The Nobels were the cheapest and seem like the cheapest. Hope they cycle.
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys. I'm definitely going to do the conversion. Probably within the next 2 months. The 410 has grown a lot on me. I have more rounds to try out also. The only negative I have is that 410 shells are harder to find and expensive for the size. Seems easier and cheaper to shoot a 12 guage. 20 gauge would be bad but I have never even seen one. sKott, I like the conversion and you got a bunch of dif mags, but why is the rear part of the housing bare metal? do you have it coated or are you going to paint it? I do agree that the Russian Mags take everything, the surefire can be finicky. Once broken in I might try to get the 2.5" Mag and shoot less expensive rounds out of those. Just curious: 1. What Pistons have you had good luck with? 2. What trigger groups seem to be good? I am looking for a scope mount I can use with the iron sights. Seems like it is either 1 or another.
  15. Man, this is a little bit confusing. Anyways I just got a S410 and I want it compliant if I use a 15 round Mag. I was told that counts as 3 parts. Now all I need now is (1) part right? I hear multiple stories. Like I need 1 more part. What is the easiest way to Legally use a high cap mag? Is High Cap USA mag and USA Piston (4) parts enough? Well Searching around I answered my own questions? Sorta stupid that I can be compliant with a 15 round mag and a piston, but if I put a grip on it I better not use a russian 5 shot mag. I guess add the most US parts on it so it is not an issue.
  16. I knew I was going to get that reply. Well I will definately do the conversion in the future.
  17. I just got a Saiga 410 at a PA gun show for $399. I figured that was a deal so I went for it. I really wanted a S12 but the prices just went to crazy with them. I saw 3 S-12's and 1 S-410. Prices of the 12's = $750,$799 and $850 I was told if you can get an S12 for less than $800 its a deal. I just couldn't at time time go for the 12. So settled for the 410. I was skeptical. Looking at this gun it seems very simple like it was built in a cave. Like an old muscle car. Simple but from I heard very reliable. Nothing like Remingtons and Mossbergs that I an used to. I finally found some 3" 410 and took it to the range. I tried: Remington 3" #6 Birdshot WInchester 3" Slugs and Federal .410 Handgun 3" Personal Defense (9pellets and 4 Buck) First purchase was a 15 rd Mag From Miss Auto Arms. Both the Remington and Winchesters fit but the Federals are too long. Everything fits in the orginal Mag. I started with the Birdshot. Wouldn't cycle. Setting was 1 so I put it to 2. No Problems. Awesome firing shots one after another. I set it back to #1, and tried the Federals. No problems. Winchester Slugs, No problem. I fired about 75 rounds all together. This gun is great. Now I'm trying to figure out whats next. To convert or not to convert. I was thinking of a Tapco T6 stock, seems very easy and its the look I like. However everyone raves about the convertions. Does it make the gun that much better?
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