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  1. In the preview for that episode, it looks like it is larger than a 7.62x39 ... more like a full size cartridge like a 308 or 54r maybe? The mag was def. a lot bigger than a 7.62x39 forgot to add: It may be that Redjacket saw what Mark Krebs has come up with in 6.8SPC recently... a friggin' tack driver and was impressive out to 600 yards (?)
  2. I know you. Welcome to the forum. My cover is blown... That you Shorts? lol
  3. DO WANT!!! ... MUST HAVE!!!!!! ... That knife/Tomahawk combo is awesome.. wow..
  4. OH - ZIP - IT Directed at liberals and the worthless drivel that they all parrot like mindless zombies .. Used this handle on just about every other forum I have been on for the last 10 years.. It works I guess..
  5. Whatever blows your hair back but.. I am an AMERICAN Nuff said..
  6. Very nice post, worth a +1. Keep an attitude like that and you will make yourself very well liked here. Welcome to the family Thank you Sir. I am a Patriot and will die a Patriot.. Funny thing is, my wife is British.. right off the boat. She loves this country and it's freedoms.. and she can handle an AK47 or an AR15. She loves everything about this country and it's history.. There are a ton of citizens in the US that really could learn a thing or two about being an American from her..
  7. US Navy - SeaBees - BU3 NYState Dept. of Corrections - Officer for 22 1/2 years and counting .. I guess that counts as combat right? LOL ... Mostly Gladiator style
  8. Yup.. New guy here.. But some of you will recognize me from "The Dark Side" of ARFCOM.. Nice place you all have here.. bout time I wandered in from the cold.. I think a good read is needed here.. Check out (LTC. US ARMY Ret.) Michael O. Logusz's "WITH MUSKET & TOMAHAWK". It is a historical account of General Burgoyne's 1777 offensive from Montreal down into the northern wilderness via Lake Champlain/ Lake George, Hudson Valley area all the way to his defeat and humiliation at Saratoga.. "The Wilderness War", as it was referred to, was soo brutal and vicious in nature tha
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