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  1. Foxtrot Oscar


    better options in this price range, Stryker?
  2. I think the SVU-A model is select fire. Indeed... I had found a video of some Chechens spraying one into a mountainside but can't find it anymore
  3. Wow that is F***ED. Good luck man. I'm sorry this happened to you. Nailbomb? Is that you?
  4. If you wanted it after I ripped it open, you should have PM'd me!
  5. I vote to not convert it back to import config. Sorry it isn't a Saiga 12 because if you had a thumbhole stock on you could simply put a pistol grip on it to reduce it to 1 characteristic, apparently!
  6. Oregon sure sounds like a nice place to live..
  7. Thanks, but it's illegal in this country. I mean state.
  8. I was kidding around man.. it was a pain but pliers & a mosin bayonet (which is a flathead pretty much )
  9. Selling my unused, second hand AR mag adapter by Magnolia State Armory (MSA), now known as Texas AK Designs (TAKD) . Asking $75 shipped. Most of the money will go towards my 2nd year of NRA membership and a becoming a member of GOA. (And cover shipping cost) Money order preferred. Post with reply "(I'll take it/question/etc.), pm sent" after sending a PM. Thank you ML
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