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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I like the sound of the DDuplex rounds that expand. No kids in the house, so that's not a concern. One buddy suggestedI choke it a bit so it patterns right for "hallway sweeping". My Win 1897 is full choke and it patterns tight at 20 yds, so I think I'll see what I can try between full choke and no choke. I've had others suggest #4 shot so I think I'll load a few and go try that also. Appreciate the help.
  2. I tried some Win slugs in my S-12 at 20 yds at our range. Patterning was OK for HD but not accurate in the target sense. Any advice re what slugs could work for HD assuming no more than 20 yds range? For further out I have S-.308 and S-.223's.
  3. Dobe...I have a s-308, and an s-223. I got Russian birch wood from saigastock. Looks VERY sweet. feels good as well. (They may be getting in some wood from Russia for the s-12's also.)
  4. A friend of mine shoots a DPMS .308 and I have an S-.308. We want to see how light you can load and still cycle etc. Has anyone else experimented with this? If so what was the lightest powder load and what grain bullet? We know how these "big uglies" shoot with full loads, now we want to see what we can do with lower powder charge etc. Muchos grass amigos
  5. Thanks guys, that pretty much answers it. My FFL buddy said he'd look around for govt surplus stuff and see the prices he could get, so if it is US govt I might give it a try. Hopefully no tar to clean out afterward. Meanwhile I'll plink along with whatever the gun range has in stock. Good to know these baby's aren't too particular.
  6. Does the S-308 handle pretty much what you feed it? The previous owner has only used Federal Premium with good results. I have some American Eagle rounds. Nor elegant match ammo, but want to use them up. Should they feed/fire OK? Does the S-308 require certain rounds in order to have enough gas to operate the action? Thought I'd get this noobie question out of the way before buying more loads.
  7. The price, as I understood the lady, was the same as for the .223. $139.00. I specifically wanted Russian Birch as (1) I really like that wood (2) It was made by Izzy so for me that made it more a part of the rifle than other woods. Although I have to say a guy Iknow who does custom stocks has shown me he can do magic with just about any wood grain.
  8. I wanted to see if I could find a set of Birch furniture as made by Izzy for their rifles. I contacted Mike at Saigastocks website and he said they do have Birch furniture for the .308 in stock, but that the computer drops any item from the website when the inventory is below 5 each. So I just called them now and ordered a set of Izzy Birch furniture for my .223 and my .308 both. They told me they have some wood furniture for the shoguns on order from Russia, but didn't know when it would arrive. Guess who put his name on their "please notify" list? I'll try to post some pics when I c
  9. Thanks thirty; this looks like what my friend described. I have .308, .223 and Saiga-12 so will get this dust cover for the rifles.
  10. I have a .223 w/out optics. I have scopes so wanted a rail. A friend said there is an aftermarket dust cover with rail attached or integral to it so we can mount US scopes, red dots etc. Anyone know who has these? Do they also make one for .308's?
  11. Hi All, Been lurking; got a lot of useful data from all of you. I have a .308 with 2 each 8 rd mags. Have any of you found a particular brand of high capacity mags that seems to work well? I heard a guy at our local range say the .223 mags had some feeding hassles with some brands. He didn't know if this applied to the .308's. I'm thinking to look for a few 20 round mags and thought I'd ask first. Appreciate any feedback from your experience.
  12. I saw a Saiga .308 and liked it. I have the 12 gauge and like it so thought I'd see if I could find a plain .308 for sale. I prefer a stock model rather than one all tricked out, as this rifle will be for HD mainly and not shot very often. What have you got?
  13. Ah So...Lupo that looks about right. The Wikiliks link was the recipe for 60 men, about right for me the way I can wolf down SOS. Another link there shows the old SeaBees cookbook recipe. All in all I thank you one and all. Wife's going to see relatives this weekend, so guess what I'll be having for breakfast? And of course I'll have to have the leftovers for lunch...and supper :-):-). You notice I'm not giving my address out? Don't want 50 old chow hounds showing up at the door. Thanks guys, Dharmabum
  14. Anybody here ever cook in the military? If so how did y'all cook SOS? I've seen some recipes online but they didn't have that "chow hound" flavor about them.
  15. +1 Thanks for the photo C&S. I'll try that next go-around at the range. dharmabum
  16. Thanks Jack. That "pulling in tight"is exactly what I did. I'll go back and try your advice. AND check out some of these other ideas. Dharmabum
  17. Got my first Saiga-12. Decided to get TAC-47's auto plug straight off and that was a wise choice I think. My first attempt at firing was a mag full of Federal 7 1/2's in 2 3/4. Fed and fired flawlessly the first go around. Then loaded a mag of Winchester HD slugs and they fired flawlessly. What a relief. After all the posts I'd read on the hassles with tuning the old plugs for different rounds, it's nice just to forget that and bang away. Now if any one knows an attachment that relieves sore shoulders for Saiga newbies....
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