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  1. If you ordered double stacks... He actually did mention those when I "talked" to him. He's still thinking about them, lol.
  2. I wish he had been able to communicate too… Luckily I was able to get a hold of him. I had a little bit a help. Thank you 6500 rpm. He was able to extract the orders that were placed, but not get back into his storefront. Hopefully, you guys had an email associated with your account, and will get communication from him. We will not see that our order has been processed through his storefront.
  3. Heard from Mike... Looks like he found a way. His email said he's in a position to start filling orders.
  4. Hey guys... Got an email from Mike today. Looks like he's back into his system or at least in a position of fulfillment.
  5. Ruger P89 I bought in 1991/92 Full frame 9mm semi-auto pistol Not one single malfunction ever
  6. From Mike: Dave, I truly apologize. Something happened when my security certificate renewed and it locked me out of the backend of my store. The store will still accept orders though which has caused problems. I can't even see what orders have been placed or I would ship them manually. I can't do anything. My website hosting and security certificate provider has gave me the run around for over a damn month on helping me fix the issue. Dealing with people that barely speak English, promising everything but delivering nothing. I have finally given up on them and in the process of swi
  7. I talked with Mike today. There was a SNAFU with his store. I'll post more in General Discussion.
  8. Thank you. Had not thought to check other sites. Maybe i can reach out through there.
  9. 20 round drums I had one delivered like hot cakes before Xmas. Website hasn't been updated either. I'm mainly worried that he's not okay health wise. Hope he didn't get hurt somehow.
  10. Hey Jon... Waiting until the end of the month to take further action. I've sent my "menacing email." I'll be contacting the BBB and law enforcement next.
  11. Good evening all... If anyone knows Mike Davidson (MD Arms) personally, please pm me. A couple of his customers need your assistance 1) verifying he isn't dead/incapacitated; 2) making sure our orders are processed; 3) finding out why he has our money and we don't have his product in a timely manner. Thanks in advance.
  12. Alright... I guess it's time to take some action.
  13. I'm gun shy... Waited a month for a stupid vz58 stock to clear customs Thanks, GunFun!
  14. Has anyone else ordered through Mike's website after Christmas and have delayed orders? The one I placed on the 10th has been idle ever since with no response to email or phone. I had placed an order before Christmas and it shipped fine. Pretty sure I'm not being snookered but no communication has me worried about fulfillment. Thoughts?
  15. True, Mullet... never know how much motor skill lube was on the line the day it was built. Thanks, Jon!
  16. Quick question because I haven't found a clear answer elsewhere. I'm looking at a suppressor for my IZ-332. Do we know for sure if Izhmash barrels are concentric to the barrel or the usual "you better make sure since it's a crap shoot" situation?
  17. There's a lot of nice rigs... I finally converted my IZ-107... Just simple. Hogue grip, CSS guard, Tapco G2 FCG and stock, SGM forearm, a rabbit killer tac light, polychoke. Can't wait to kill some more clays with the new grip.
  18. Flash hiders attempt to reduce visible gas emissions from the barrel. This hopefully reduces the reduction of effect on the shooter's vision. Boosters were left off the list I believe... They attempt to boost the gas pressure to assist recoil forces acting on cycling components. Compensators are the same as brakes.
  19. Hey, sorry I didn't follow up on this. Looks like you received some good advice though. The 107 will eat everything out of the box but but really loves high brass. My gun has two gas ports. I run a poly choke so the extra barrel length doesn't help there... It does however give a boost to magnum slugs. The only malfunctions I have had with the gun are when it isn't held snugly and recoil forces aren't allowed to cycle the carrier properly, and one of the springs (BHO IIRC) kept sliding off an armature so I had to bend the end a little. She is a mammoth though. Converting her finall
  20. I found my IZ-107 pretty easily a few years ago. The box was not sealed in plastic. I think that would be the hardest to find. Don't think any actually come wrapped in plastic. Inside the firearm was in a plastic bag but not sealed. Might be worth something to a collector in a few decades, but probably more just another blaster. My two cents. Oh and... It wasn't a great deal. I paid for what I wanted... $700.
  21. As others have said, you have to reap from several differnt sources. I like to harvest from reuters and bbc amongst waking to headline, fox, cnn, and msnbc for the msm.
  22. I did a quick search... didn't see this posted previously... from January 2012. I couldn't say I necessarily would have declared them. I like to think I am an honest guy though. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/13/us-russia-kalashnikov-idUSTRE80C1ON20120113
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