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  1. I have a bitch of a time holding on to the handguard when I'm using a drum. Bought a SKTBR polymer railed handguard and Molot vertical grip and am a happy camper. I don't really like them, but I was able to find a solution to my problem that I'm quite happy with.
  2. Taking a breather after doing a drum and stick mag dump.
  3. My ten are all just like what NM0 posted, with some color variation. What a st/deal these were!
  4. My Walmart has been getting it in regularly. It sells out within a day or two, then it's back again.
  5. I saw "Idiocracy" for the first time recently, and the opening scenes are exactly what you describe. Idiots multiply quicker than intelligent people.
  6. I've got five of the KS five rounders. I beat the shit out of them testing them out when they were on sale for $8 a piece, haven't failed me yet and they'll take a slam to the ground.
  7. My local Wally World had 7.62x39 loaded up on their shelf earlier this week, and they haven't had it on the shelf for at least a month. It lasted two days with the three box limit. Also had .45 Auto Tulammo, 12ga Winchester Super X 00, and some other misc. calibers that have been absent. None were there this morning.
  8. I bought the lone box of Remmington 12ga buckshot that Bass Pro Shop had last night... brought home four boxes of sluggers to keep it company (they had a TON of those).
  9. I've never been thrilled about aftermarket Mosin stocks, but I do believe I'll give this one a go!
  10. I believe Keep Shooting has their five rounders still... Cancel that, I could have sworn they had some in earlier today or maybe yesterday, but they're gone now.
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