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  1. Gunsatcost.com check it out and buy. I love this site and just in time for my birthday.
  2. Hey man I have been looking everywhere and gunbroker.com is the best place new or used. O and there is this website GilbertsGuns.com $359.99 .308 Gunbroker.com if you find better let me know.
  3. Hey guys thanks for the input and I think that a 308Saiga will be my next rifle in my arsenal.Hey Anyone know of any good deals on the .308 besides gunbroker.com???? Leave me some feedback. Thanks
  4. I am torn between 308 or .223 what to buy? Where to Buy? I found the best deal at gunbroker.com $259 for .223 and around $300 for the 308.Help me out please I need some feedback I have never owned a Saiga Rifle.
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