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  1. Castalia

    Bho problems

    I used stainless washers that I thinned to fit as a temporary fix until I bought and installed a new trigger group. The washers worked well. Good luck.
  2. Castalia

    Bho problems

    Apparently the BHO has tipped because the hammer has been ground too narrow. The hammer keeps the BHO vertical against the side of the receiver. The BHO has tipped and slid out from under the rail and is trapping the bolt and rear cover. You can try and move it with probes into the correct positon or you can force the cover off using a big screwdriver. Don't ask me how I know. Just don't destroy the receiver cover as they are hard to repair or replace. Good luck in your quest. Castalia, who was lucky enough to not detroy his Saiga. I had to order another trigger group and fit t
  3. You mentioned that the carrier is still dragging on the ejector. Take the recoil spring and bolt out of the carrier. Then put the carrier back into the weapon. Slide the carrier back and forth on the rails and see if it hangs up on the ejector. It should slide smoothly into battery and out without dragging on anything but the hammer. You might have to hold down the hammer to see if the ejector is cleared. If the carrier is dragging on the ejector that might be what is taking alot of the firing inertia and could be causing your problem. If so you might want a qualified gunsmith take a look at y
  4. Given the wall thickness of the forend. Yes, about 2 oz. Shortening made the biggest difference. The original rail weighed in at about 1 3/4 lbs. Final weight is at 10 oz.
  5. I chose the SGM Quad rail and shortened it and added a few holes to lighten it. I am sure someone else could be more creative. The rail weighs 10 OZ. Castalia
  6. Ordered 2 from the E-store on the 17th and got them today. Thanks
  7. Hope you have a couple of million hits on this video. Sent it out to all I know. Good luck to all of us. Castalia
  8. I used this video to do my saiga. I did not drill the barrel. My conversion came out fine. Good luck, Castalia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sej4DugRvG0
  9. I have a Phoenix Kicklite on my converted 2012 19" barreled Saiga with 4 holes in the gas block.and it does reduce the recoil. It has never reduced the cycling inertia. It does not short stroke. I have not enlarged the holes and I have no failures to feed, extract or fire because of the stock. My son had a Saiga with a 22" barrel and 2 holes in the gas block and the stock worked equally as well on his weapon. YMMV. Castalia
  10. The bolt carrier stops travel on the surface above the rail on the left side of the weapon. If this misalignment is affecting the bolt or bolt travel I would take it back for warranty service.
  11. Kaelic, I went to the hardware store and bought a piece of 18 guage strap material. http://www.lowes.com...lar|1= Then I cut a piece off with sheet metal snips and fashioned the strap I made. It is square under the grip and round were the screw goes into the stock. I cut it 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" long. Drilled the holes were they neede to be. Good luck Castalia
  12. Had the same problem. I just bolted a metal strap on using the existing hole. Drilled holes and shaped as needed. Works well. Good luck, Castalia
  13. SGM shortened and lightened. Added a sling swivel. Modified AFG. Works well. Good luck. Castalia
  14. Introducing "Necessity", a factory 24" and her daughter "Invention" a converted IZ-109 19". Thanks to CSS and the forum. I've waited a year. Read everything I could . Finally had the cajones to convert by myself. The proof was at the range. "Invention" fired 100 Wally World Winchester and 20 slugs with no problems, no failures. Necessity did as well with 2 3/4" and 3" hunting ammo. "Invention's" forend is a modified SGM quad rail to make it lighter. "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" -unknown
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