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  1. Good discussion here gentleman. Apologies for not getting back sooner. I'm using the single parent excuse plus it's hockey season. After some research here's what I ended up with... https://www.amazon.com/Crosman-M4-177-Pneumatic-Pump-Rifle/dp/B00GA95IDY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511237882&sr=8-1&keywords=crossman+m4-177 At the $45 plus free shipping I consider it a steal. I'm counting on the collapsible stock allowing us both to use it. I also find some hidden value in the fact that at his age he probably won't be able to pump it by himself. It should allow us bot
  2. My boy turns 6 shortly after X-mas which usually means taking the one-two sucker punch to the wallet this time of year. He's getting a mini long board and a sauce kit (hockey related) for Christmas. We've been floating the idea back-and-forth about going out to the range together. I think he's due for his first BB/pellet gun. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Not true. There was a day when the Iz-447 was being imported. It had an adjustable gas block and the Russian magwell w/ the LRBHO which made for a really nice conversion. I believe the Iz-412 had the Russian hand guard but I could be mistaken. Both were variants of the 040.
  4. Also you'll have to round off the corners of the nut. To do this I just bought a long bolt, held it in a vice grips, threaded the nut on and dremeled the corner off. The nut spins in the process resulting in a fairly round nut. You can also cut the slot on the face of the nut while holding it in a vice grips.
  5. I recall sending you a replacement nut your way the first time this happened. JDeko, you've been around long enough to have discovered Loctite by now. SMFH! Go down to the hardware store, buy yourself a replacement hex nut that works and modify it with a dremel. Sand down the edges to make it round and cut a slot on the face like the original. This time use some Loctite. Come on dude, nut up and get this shit done! Pun intended.
  6. The cheapest way for me to get ammo in Alaska is to buy it from SGammo and have it shipped to family in the lower 48. I either have them fly it back checked or I come down there and fly it back myself. Alaska Airlines allows 50 lbs checked on domestic flights. That's roughly 1-1/2 cases of 7.62x39. Doing it this route I average roughly $275 a case. Fuck, golden tiger isn't even available up here. If Alaska Airlines changes it's ammo policy gun owners in Alaska are going to take it hard. I think the last time I bought 7.62x39 from an Alaskan vendor it was a case of Brown Bear for $450. Th
  7. Same process. Post a pic when complete. Seems conversion porn is hard to come by these days.
  8. How many times has the CIA directly or indirectly influenced other countries elections in the past 60 years? Seems hypocritical don't you think?
  9. Here is a link to the video of the assassination... https://www.funker530.com/russian-ambassador-assassinated/ And the end results...
  10. Maybe he will just bitch slap us with them when they are ready. I'd be good with that. I will say that a status update is in order. For him to pop in and wave a video around of a workable double stack and then fall off the scene was rather frustrating. Nobody likes a dick tease.
  11. ^Thanks Yakdung, your link made that easy. Letter is on it's way.
  12. How can you be a member of this forum and not have the repeal of the Russian sanctions on your list? Specifically EO 13662. https://www.treasury.gov/press-center/press-releases/Pages/jl2572.aspx
  13. Thanks Monty, you beat me to it. Looks like I have a couple letters to send. Correction: WTF, Alaska has only one congressman. Even in an election year I'm so out-of-the-loop.
  14. Any links to more information? I'll have to google search and see where my senetors stand.
  15. For christ sakes anything man! I trolled your youtube channel a few months ago and was left watching some old ass videos. Set something on fire again, blôw some shit up, as long as it has some head thumpin' musiç attached I really don't care. I would be particularly thrilled if you followed up on the muzzle brake testing you started a few years ago.
  16. A guide carrying a 9mm? Huh, Larry and his wife might want to consider hiring someone else for the next trip.
  17. Having a hard time figuring out who hasn't gone off their fucking rocker in this thread.
  18. The magwell will work fine. It's the length of the mag catch that is different.
  19. I quit giving a shit about this a long time ago but your post started me thinking about his motives for putting his kel-tec up for auction. Probably for the same reasons the majority of us part with a firearm, because he needs the cash. And I say more power to him. If he parts with it maybe he can move on and then so can we.
  20. According to the article the bomber never flew in North Korean airspace. This administration's balls aren't that big.
  21. I can speak to the issue of seeing your optometrist. I also have terrible vision, since I work in front of computer screens all day I have had my doctor dial in my prescription to see up close. The drawback is that I sacrifice some far sighted vision to gain better near sight. Point is, since it's important to you it's worth looking into.
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