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  1. Suspect 1 was a Chechnyan. Remember the 2004 Beslan school shooting? Same folks... http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/europe/09/04/russia.school/
  2. I dread going to Dick's because the guy who works in the lodge is great with firearms- just not people.
  3. I looked at the Catamount. The price is tempting... but the more I learn about it, the more it seems like it is a non-starter.
  4. I don't think I had a manual with mine either.
  5. Ooohhh... or make gun owners wear a yellow "II" because we believe in the 2A. VOTE THEM OUT!
  6. FWIW- I tried out a Falcon Arms folder. It was a really nice looking stock- well thought out too. I just wish the materials were better. To be honest- it seems like it is made of pot metal and it chunks off easily.... and into the trash it went. I'm really disappointed.
  7. Nice! Haven't got mine out to the range just yet. But soon!
  8. I have an LR308 AP4 also. Great platform- perhaps around 200 rounds through it thus far. No issues from the LR whatsoever! Ideally, I'd have a dedicated 20" upper set up for optics- and then swap the 16" and 20" as situations dictate. That's a benefit from the AR platform- you can swap out uppers and run the FCG with something else.
  9. Wait for a Palmetto State lower. Less than $160 for a MILSPEC lower.
  10. The price was right... but the materials? I thought it seemed... soft. Now I know why. Ehhhh... not exactly what I was looking for. The amount of fitting is unreal. Oh well. I guess I can say I tried it out.
  11. Dolemite- thanks for the brutal honesty. The K-pup looks great... but it seems like a lot of work, effort, and pain at times. I think I'll rethink my interest and pass on the K-pup!
  12. I have used DPMS, Doublestar, a few BCMs, and a few PSA uppers over the years. I had one with a canted sight from PSA- but they took care of it. They move a LOT of product. And... while I'm not surprised as accidents happen... they did a great job of fixing it. Aside from that one, little hiccup- it's my favorite middy. If you still aren't happy- send it back until they get it right. JMHO, but that is what I'd do. They don't like it when things go out the door jacked up... because it gets all over forums like this and it is very bad for business. ADD: Get a laser pen and point i
  13. Where's the LIKE button.... when you need it? Well said.
  14. Mike said you could get the lower and upper hand guards- then a stock. So, while not offered as a set per se, you could piece-meal your way to one.
  15. I'm in your neck of the woods. If you order a V12 from Atlantic Firearms, it'll be here in less than 10 days. Last I checked, Shooter's had an S12 or two. I have an S12 and a V12. I like them both for many of the same reasons... but I had to convert my S12 years ago when I got it. The V12? Out of the box it was the way I wanted it... sans a couple of 922 parts... which are now on order.
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